e3rd Steakhouse and Lounge - A Review

Everyone likes e3rd Restaurant and Lounge

Lawrence Davis (publisher LASplash Magazine and Splash Magazine Worldwide) likes Jason Ha's fusion cuisine so much that he chose e3rd Steakhouse and Lounge, Jason Ha's newest restaurant, for a birthday celebration with a few family members. This is 'The Steakhouse, redefined' where the fare is Korean, Japanese, and Western fusion meaning food that tempts you with its looks and smells, satisfies you with its texture and flavor, and lets you know you are alive with its crunch and bursts of subtle spices and flavors.

Lawrence and Jason

When Jason Ha introduced the Korean-inspired Zip Fusion Sushi in 2002, the restaurant became the hit of the Arts District neighborhood and Jason was honored by the downtown community in 2004 for 'taking a dark corner and bringing light to it'. The new venture for Jason Ha and his Executive Chef, Sean Ahn is intended to set a new direction for the classic American steakhouse. The elements they wanted were energetic ambiance and a first class culinary experience that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. If our experience there is typical, they have succeeded in every way.

Artists fill the chalkboard walls

Since it is located in the Arts District, chalkboard walls offer a place for a variety of artists to display their craft every month. The design is sleek and the acoustics very satisfying. Two disc jockeys were on hand the night we were there, spinning out an international mix of eclectic music. The strong musical beat created an atmosphere that enhanced the food. It was very pleasant to have music so prominent and yet not interfere with conversation.

A small, intimate outdoor patio dining area is a wonderful feature. Lovely trees and wall-clinging greenery set the scene. Glittering, dim lighting enhances the mood and heaters are available should the night air become too chilly.

There is a small, intimate outdoor patio

Though e3rd tends to attract a young, sophisticated crowd, it was welcoming to babies in two parties, one being ours.

The meal allowed for tasting many of Jason's new creations. Our group favored the dishes that were clean and wholesome tasting with a crunchy sensation and the trademark flavor burst. These included the Snow Crab Seaweed Salad, the Fish of the Day-trout, and the Caesar Salad/Chicken Breast. The steak that was marinated in fruit juices was succulent, tender and flavorful. The rib dishes were tender and properly fatty. The Traction Wrap was sensational.

We had the opportunity to taste the following items:


Traction wrap - A sweet Rice Paper cylinder stuffed with your choice of Beef or Pork & Chef Sean's crunchies

Traction wrap

Shrimp Tofu Cake A master blend of Chopped Shrimp, Mashed Tofu, mixed Vegetables and Kim chi, baked to a golden brown and drizzled with Our chef's Spicy Ponzu sauce

Shrimp Tofu Cake

Sea Scallop - Three fresh jumbo Sea Scallops, delicately flash-fried & glazed with our own creamy Mustard Vinaigrette

Sea Scallop

Snow Crab Seaweed Salad - Chilled, steamed Alaskan Snow Crab on a bed of Zip's signature Seaweed Salad, dressed with a pairing of House Salad Dressing and Miso Vinigrette

Snow Crab Seaweed Salad


Caesar Salad/Chicken Breast

Caesar Salad/Chicken Breast - e3rd classic Ceasar salad w. house Ceasar dressing with hint of anchovy

Chef Ahn's Imperial Ribs

Chef Ahn's Imperial Ribs - Three succulent, 1-inch-cut Pear-marinated Short Ribs served 'on the bone'

e3rd Pork Ribs

E3rd Pork Ribs - A more traditional cut. 14 oz of Baby- back Pork Ribs with our House Spicy Marinade

Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon - The most famous cut of beef, carefully chosen and prepared for maximum tenderness and juiciness. 8 oz.

Fish of the day-trout

Fish of the Day-trout

Dessert was beautiful. The mango sorbet covered with thin slices of mango provided a contrast of texture and flavor that was a taste bud wakeup. The coffee was strong and flavorful. The wine variety was impressive and nicely priced.

Mango dessert

The wait staff was charming, courteous and moved our food along in a timely fashion.
It was a great place to celebrate this birthday as well as other special events.

Jason hopes that E3rd will become part of your world. We certainly think it will become part of ours.

e3rd is located at 734 E.3rd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Tel: 213-680-3003
Fax: 213-680-3005
Lunch, Dinner and Late Dinner Daily except holiday
Grand Opening March 1, 2007

Photos: Lawrence Davis

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