Culina Restaurant- Making You an Offer You Can't Refuse

Take a break from your Harry Potter movie premiere costume-making parties and check back into reality. After all, just around the corner, is another premiere at the award-winning Culina, Modern Italian restaurant that you do not want to miss!

 Esquire Magazine’s Food and Wine critique, John Mariani, is hosting an exclusive dinner party at Culina, the new modern Italian restaurant, located on the lobby level at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. Taking place this Thursday, June 21st at 7pm, John will be introducing his new book, How Italian Food Conquered the World, while taking you on a culinary journey of sophisticated flavors.

Culina Restaurant: Photo Courtesy of Four Seasons

The menu consists of five courses all strategically paired with wines from across the world. The menu is as follows:

First course is the Ricciola. This consists of amberjack tuna, cucumber sea, oyster crema, osetra caviar, sea salt, and Manni extra virgin olive oil.

Second course is the Panna Cotta dish, which features local burrata cheese, tomato water, crisp ciabatta, and opal basil.

Third course is the Tonnarelli. Squid ink pasta paired with Santa Barbara sea urchin collaborate with calabrianchile, scallion, and lemon.

Fourth course is the Coda di Rospo, a delicate combination of monkfish wrapped in guanciale, rapini, white bean passato, frascati, and caperberries.

Lastly, indulge on Melone Modern, a delightful creation of compressed summer melon, coconut sponge, and melon sorbetto.

Culina's Private Dining Room: Photo Courtesy of Four Seasons

One of the few events held at Culina that is open to the public, all guests will receive this rare dining experience along with their own signed copy of John’s new book. Regardless of your level of knowledge of Italian cuisine, experience in cultured dinner parties, or number of cheat days left on your diet this week, all guests are bound to leave feeling enlightened, refreshed, and full.

Please contact the restaurant to make your reservation at (310) 860-4000 or visit

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