Calivino Wine Pub Review - Bringing the Vineyard to Anaheim

Taking the wine experience beyond a swirl and sniff, the Calivino Wine Pub has created a beautiful setting that not only is for the wine connoisseur, but also for their friends who are looking for a unique craft beer or gourmet food. Whether you are the wine elitist or someone looking to expand their taste horizons, Calivino is made for everyone and a welcome addition to Anaheim.

Wine flight

Calivino was truly made for all levels of wine drinkers. You are going to find a wide ranging and often changing wine list that will appeal to every palate. While the wine list is outstanding, there is always the dilemma of what to choose and the worry that goes with it of whether you will enjoy it. Calivino offers a wine flight for a mere $15 dollars that gives you three choices and the servings are ample enough to take care of two people. This will get you going and from there you are going to find one of the more reasonably priced wine menus in all of Southern California. Calivino also has an amazing happy that offers some great specials on a variety of wines.

Cheese Plate

To go with your wine Calivino serves a beautiful plate of cheese to compliment the wide selection of wines. That is too easy and you really need to take advantage of the flavors that the Calivino kitchen produces. For an appetizer a beautifully prepared crab cake that is bursting with jumbo lump crab is a great way to start any visit to Calivino. The burgers that you can choose from are all fresh and flavorful. The pork belly burger is not always available because they simply take an entire day to cook it slow so it comes out incredibly tender and flavorful. The lamb burger is as fresh as you can imagine as it is grounded in house, flavored with mint and garlic and topped with onion jam and gremolata yogurt. I loved the freshness of the gremolata yogurt and the way it brought a different feel to this rich burger, but if you don't like mint I would not recommend this as the flavor is noticeable. But if you are looking for a wide range of flavors and a juicy rich burger, this one is for you. To go with the burgers you'll find the fresh cut fries simply addicting.

Lamb Burger

Crab Cakes

While finding that perfect wine is always a pleasure, these days searching a new brew can be just as rewarding. Calivino has six small kegs on tap, allowing them to switch beers often and change the beer menu so you can always expect something new and interesting to tempt you. You might find the Thai Chili Lime Ginger Wahoo from the Ballast Point Brewing Company, a lighter beer that has enough of a bite to it just to make it interesting. You are also going to find some great bottled beers at Calivino, a very flavorful Firestone Walker 805 from the Firestone Walker Brewing Company in Paso Robles can be had when you make a visit.

Fried Chicken Sandwich

While the wine, beer and food are enough to entice you to visit, you will find once there you are put into just a stunning pub setting that offers up a beautiful bar, couches to relax in and unwind after a long day at work and tables that are custom made from reclaimed wood. Other than being a great place to hang out with friends or grab a glass of wine before the big game, if you want a perfect setting for a first date, Calivino is it. Stylish yet unpretentious, one visit and you'll be hooked.

For more information visit: Calivino and you can find it located between Angels Stadium and the Pond.

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