CAFE GRATITUDE REVIEW - Organic food filled with Inspiration

Los Angeles locals need not look far for a little piece of organic, feel good, culinary heaven.  Serving both the westside in Venice and the original Los Angeles location this unique concept is one not to be missed.   We dined at the original location at Melrose and Larchmont.  Cafe Gratitude models their menu after positive affirmations for well being and happiness.  For example, order up the "I Am Outstanding", the "I Am Thriving" or the 'I Am Comforted" and possibly have a better day.  One thing for sure is that your stomach will be happy.


Cafe Gratitude consists of 100% organic and 100% vegan local fare that is free of refined sugar, flour or additives. We started with the beverages "I Am Powerful" and "I am Balanced". 


Balanced was a refreshing tonic of filtered water with fresh peppermint and wild orange essential oils said to cleanse the body and awaken the mind.  It was light, refreshing and a great alternative to a typical carbonated beverage.   I Am Powerful was a hot tea comprised of an alchemy of Chinese Herbs said to support digestion, spleen function and weight control. Served with coconut milk and raw honey you also have the option to add cacao of which we did and thus, the rich chocolate appearance.  Raw Cacao is one of the highest forms of antioxidants and a great mood enhancer.  Perfect on a cold, rainy day or anytime you seek something comforting.  Both beverages hit the spot preparing us for our meals. 
Serving breakfast options until 1PM on weekdays and 3PM on weekends is a nice alternative for typical lunch fare.  We opted for the "I Am Open Hearted"... 


Two Gluten Free Buckwheat Flax Pancakes served with maple syrup and options to add fruit, fruite compote and cashew whipped cream.  We went all in of course.  The dish was very satisfying with good taste, texture and a true gluten free delight.  In genera,l for those gluten free Cafe Gratitude will be your new best friend. 
Next was the "I am Whole"...


one of their cooked specialties consisting of sea vegetables, stewed adzuki beans, raw kale, carrots, house made red cabbage, kim chee, black sesame, a choice of quinoa or local brown rice and tahini garlic sauce and terryaki almonds.  We opted for the quinoa for an extra boost of protein vs the brown rice.  Who would know what to expect with such a bowl of unique and different food combinations but all of the healthy yet comforting and nutrient dense foods blended together in a great taste that left us full and satisfied.  The serving size was generous and looking around the restaurant there were numerous tables ordering these specialty bowls and lots of mmmm sounds to be heard. 
Finally for desert we were challenged to pick just one but already feeling satisfied from such hearty food we settled on the chocolate coconut cream pie called "I Am Irresistible". 


All deserts are made in house and this once certainly did not disappoint.  One would never pinpoint this was a vegan desert and the dark chocolate crust added nice texture to the creamy chocolate swirl.  Needless to say the cute plates dont hurt either and leave you with a smile on your face while looking forward to "I Will Return" (not a dish, just a mention) :)
Located in Los Angeles and Venice as well as two other California locations. For additional details see their website at
Jennifer Kamstock, MS is a licensed holistic nutritionist and speech language patholoist. She is the author of "The Everyday Detox", host of the TV show Fight It or Bite It and health/wellness host/spokesperson for livestrong and ehow. As a comedianne and actress she can currently be seen in the recurring role of investigative reporter Brittney Bowers on Disovery's Dark Secrets and the comedy Focus Groups.  For requests or health inquiries contact [email protected].


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