Cafe 50's New Vermont Location - Be a Butterton at Cafe 50's

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If you have ever watched that I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter commercial, and longed to be a Butterton, you are in luck. Take a trip back to the comfort foods your parents enjoyed at Café 50’s new location at 850 N. Vermont in Los Angeles. This is not the place for calorie counters or health food junkies. Café 50’s is the spot to splurge on your taste buds and eat carefree. The diner had a rousing grand opening with free treats from their menu. The 100-plus people in attendance brought their appetites and by the looks on their faces while tasting the food, no one left unsatisfied.

The logo for the LA staple that now boasts 2 locations

The treats offered included tasty veggie burgers, tangy turkey pastrami sandwiches, waffles with heaping butter and syrup, hearty burgers with thick slices of cheese, colossal onion rings with ranch dressing for dipping, and peanut butter shakes topped with whipped cream. More diet no-no’s await you at Café 50’s, where the menu is filled with the best American food fare you can think of.

The corner location stands out at Vermont and Normal just across the street from Los Angeles City College.

The menu features great breakfast choices, as well as sandwiches, chili, soups, burgers, and appetizers on a grand scale. Their shake menu alone features 42 choices, and the pies, cakes, sundaes and cookies will not disappoint. However, the huge portions are not the only throwback. The windows are adorned with the classic green print of a diner from way back when outlining the eatery’s offerings including Chicken, Steaks, and Pie. Once inside, the décor screams retro with iconic magazine covers from Life and The Atlantic. Add to that album covers of Rockabilly Baby and Dinah Washington and Movie Posters for definitive films like Hippodrome, Circus Girl, and Living it Up and you have officially gone back in time. The waiters add to the allure with their bright red lip stick, old school outfits, and heavy eyeliner. And no 50’s diner would be complete without music from the bygone era in the background which Café 50’s plays at an ambient level.


The walls are a collage of the 50's era

Tableside you will find a calendar of events that recalls historical events from the ‘50’s. For example November 8th’s special of half off hamburgers and omelets between 6p-10p is listed right under 1958’s breaking news of the 44-carat Hope Diamond donation to the Smithsonian.


The open kitchen is a feast for lookie loos who like to watch their food

Before you lose your nostalgic wonderment, keep in mind this spot is not all about days gone by. The free Wi-Fi available makes it all too futuristic for gramps. Some other upgrades to Café 50’s that your mother didn’t encounter is the free tableside magic on Saturdays and Sundays between 11a-2pm, as well as Pajamas Night held the last Wednesday of every month. This fun event calls for customers to wear traditional pajamas: two-piece button down like your grandma bought you from 6p-10pm in exchange for a free meal with the purchase of a drink. If you have yet to find those PJ’s, save them for Christmas time, a Pre-Thanksgiving dinner is available after 5pm on the last Wednesday of November.

So skip a meal and indulge in all that Café 50’s has to offer. We all have a Butterton deep down inside and this is the place to feed it!


Open 7:00 A.M. to midnight, and until 1:00 A.M. on weekends.

Cafe 50's, 850 N. Vermont Ave. Hollywood . 323-906-1955.

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