Buca di Beppo Restaurant Review – An Authentic Dining Experience

Trying to find a restaurant that makes you feel like you are family as opposed to a customer is becoming more difficult these days. Buca di Beppo has actually perfected this experience, from the atmosphere to the impeccable service and finally the amazing food you might get the sense you are actually in your mother's kitchen as opposed to a restaurant.

The moment you walk into Buca you are given a tour of the restaurant, which is an eye-catching experience as the walls are covered with photographs that will make you do a double take as you take in all of the Italian history. All of these pictures and the entire setting Buca has created is what sets the mood and makes you feel just a little Italian, even if you aren’t.

I would suggest beginning your Buca experience by ordering the lobster fondutal. This is a blend of lobster, Fontina cheese and spicy tomatoes that is baked and served with crispy garlic bread. The richness of this dish is amazing, so thick and full of flavor the baking of this dish really lets all of these flavors come together as one.

Baked Lasagna

When it comes to your main course, Buca has two sizes, small and large. If you are not familiar with Buca the normal definition of those two words does not apply here. A small is anything but small, you will likely need two or three people to finish off this size and if you are going to order a large you better have the whole family with you. The baked lasagna is really the centerpiece of the menu and if you order just one item, this should be it. I am not sure how many layers make up the lasagna, but it might just get cold by the time you finish trying to count all of them. All of the Buca pasta dishes are worthy of any Italian dinner, but the other dish I would suggest is the lobster spaghetti. As you can see Buca decided to get a little lobster crazy recently, which is definitely a good thing for you.

In addition to all of the incredible pasta dishes that Buca has on its original menu they are introducing a line of ravioli dishes that will leave you never looking at ravioli the same again. Braised Beef with asiago cheese and parmesan cheeses combined with a Chianti marinara sauce. The other variations of ravioli that Buca is giving you a chance include mushroom, butternut squash and the lobster ravioli with shrimp in a scampi sauce. Spaghetti with lobster sautéed with garlic sounds incredible but prepare it with scampi butter sauce and crushed red pepper and you have yourself a truly special dish.

Braised Beef Ravioli

Any Italian restaurant has to be judged by the pizza that they serve and if you love thin crust you will leave Buca a happy pizza connoisseur. The crust is cooked to a crisp finish with ingredients galore; you are not going to find an empty bite anywhere. You are going to find a number of great options when choosing your pizza but the Supremo Italiano really encompasses what a pizza is meant to be. Spicy Italian sausage, ground beef, thick strips of pepperoni along with bell peppers and onions really makes every bite a flavor experience. Buca recently introduced the lobster fra diavolo pizza, topping your pizza with lobster and a spicy rosa sauce.

Buca is also trying to make the most of your workday by adding a lunch menu that will make you forget about ever having fast food again. The baked lasagna mentioned above is one of the options and the lunch size is going leave you looking for a friend to share it with. If you are looking for something a little lighter, Buca offers a soup and salad combo as well as a wide variety of salads. If you are looking for something light and refreshing but full of flavor the Apple Gorgonzola Salad is the perfect choice. There are so many flavors to this salad and they all mix together so well you will be trying to get a little piece of everything on your fork every time you take a bite. The combination of tart Granny Smith apples, walnuts, cranberries and Gorgonzola cheese with Italian vinaigrette takes your taste buds through a flavor rollercoaster. If you are able to do a Buca lunch you will thank yourself, from the value to the quality food, the only drawback is trying to focus on work after such a fabulous lunch.

Lobster Ceasar Salad

What great Italian dinner is complete without a nice bottle of wine and while Buca has some great selections, I would also make sure you give the new Sicilian Punch a try. SKYY Infusions Blood Orange Vodka, a blend of red fruit and orange juices topped with fresh fruit provides a sweet and smooth cocktail that allows all of the fruit flavor to come through. If you prefer a sweet and fruitful cocktail this become your go-to drink at Buca.

Sicilian Punch

If you have any room left, which you probably won’t, Buca has some rich traditional Italian desserts such as cannoli and tiramisu to take care of your sweet tooth. The real delicacy here is the Italian Crème Cake. This six layer lemon cake is filled with mascarpone cheese and served on a pool of raspberry-hazelnut sauce, and topped with fresh whipped cream and mint sprig. After such a heavy meal this is the perfect dessert, very light, but oh so flavorful. The mascarpone cheese really elevates this dessert and combined with the lemon cake and the sauce you won’t be able to stop at one bite.

Italian Crème Cake

If you are planning a huge family celebration or you just want to go solo for lunch, Buca di Beppo is the one restaurant that you know will leave satisfied in every way possible.

For more information on Buca di Beppo®, visit: www.bucadibeppo.com

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