Boxwood Restaurant Review - A Seasonal Change in Every Way

Boxwood at The London West Hollywood along Executive Chef Anthony Keene have pointed the restaurant and menu towards the changing seasons with a changing venue and menu that brings in all the fresh and flavorful ingredients of fall.

Boxwood itself leaves the summer rooftop experience and comes downstairs to the main level to a fabulous restaurant that is highlighted by the stunning restaurant. If you are looking to meet up for cocktails in Hollywood for unique cocktails and flavor appetizers, Boxwood certainly makes the list of places to visit.

Charcoal roasted carrots

Chef Keene certainly went all out with his flavorful combinations, but sometimes it is doing something to perfection with less that is the most impressive attribute of a chef. It is no overstatement that bread, carrots and steak are a trio that will keep you coming back. Bread is generally bread, that is until you have it at Boxwood. A bite leaves you thinking this is anything but bread and simple sea salt and olive oil leave no explanation how this can be so rich and flavorful, simply the best bread I have ever had. The charcoal roasted carrots leave you thinking anything but vegetable. They have that great smoky flavor, slightly crisp with grill marks while still soft on the interior that gets just a hint of extra flavor from a sunflower tahini. While enjoying both of those the highlight of any dining experience at Boxwood would be the Wagyu rib cap steak. There is no shortage of steaks in Los Angeles, but I'd put this up against any other one and leave knowing I probably the best one. Ordered medium-rare you get a perfect pink interior and a steak knife is only an option as this beautiful cuts like butter and melts in your mouth. If you want to convert a vegetarian, this is the steak that will do it.

Caesar Salad with spiced beef tartare

For those of you looking to get a little more adventurous there is no shortage of options. For starters the crab toast is a tasty twist on a crab cake. A crispier exterior that provides a great crunch while inside each bite you still get that spectacular crab flavor and the dish is topped with the sriracha and yogurt combination that is slightly spicy while fresh and light. Perfectly creative to top this dish off. Chef Keene also put together his own take on the Caesar salad by combining it with a spiced beef tartare. The other appetizer that was done to perfection was the salad with Fuji apples, beets and goat cheese. The fresh ingredients really shine and if you are looking for something a little lighter to offset the heavier dishes, this would be my choice.

Spaghetti with Clams

The pasta dishes were quite a mixed batch and there was certainly something for everyone. The spaghetti with clams was the best of the group, a very thick and fabulous pasta that had that authentic homemade Italian feel about it and you certainly can't go wrong pairing it with some fresh clams. The spiced pumpkin gnocchi was for those of you who love pumpkin, period. The pumpkin overwhelmed the entire dish and gave it that fall feel but was a little overpowering for me, but the gnocchi was a light and airy delight. The only miss of the night was the lobster risotto. The lobster was fresh and prepared well, but the risotto fell flat, it seemed cooked too much and didn't bring a lot of flavor to the dish.

Thai Snapper, Shiitake, Yellow Thai Curry, Coconut Broth

The cocktail menu will make you keep coming back to Boxwood even if you aren't hungry. The London Fizz was a very refreshing cocktail and was created using the local Loft-n-Bear Vodka and is finished off with lemon, cherry and fresh egg white. The London Calling is a powerful smoky cocktail that is highlighted by Mezcal and St. Germain. The other favorite of the bar is The Duke, combining strawberry, blueberry and mint to go with Basil Haydens, another cocktail loaded with flavor.

London Fizz

For dessert if you are looking for that purely decadent, sweet-tooth satisfying treat, the hazelnut crunch delivers. Pure richness, each bite wows you with powerful chocolate and the hazelnuts give it a great pairing crunch, you feel like you are eating a penthouse candy bar. Not quite on the same level of sweetness but a lighter and amazingly well balanced dessert is the sour orange panna cotta with gingerbread ice cream. Both are very light but pairing the two gives you a great combination of sweetness and tart, just refreshing a perfect way to finish off a big meal.

If you are looking for a Hollywood dining experience, Boxwood really delivers. A great setting in an iconic hotel. Chef Keene really looked to bring fall to this menu and he gives you a wide range of flavors that you aren't likely to find in Hollywood. If fresh ingredients and unique combinations and a fun atmosphere, Boxwood is well worth a visit.

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