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Bistrot Bagatelle - Bringing France to Los Angeles

By Meagan Sargent

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It was an evening full of decadence. Hollywood insiders gathered to celebrate the opening of, Bistrot Bagatelle, a new, chic, and ultra savvy restaurant to Hollywood.

Bringing fresh innovative cuisine to NYC, Bistrot Bagatelle opened its first location in New York City in 2008. The ambiance of Bagatelle has the perfect mix of sexy and sultry paired with bold artwork, which provides the perfect setting for any occasion. Nestled next to the renowned STK, Bistrot Bagatelle opened in Los Angeles a little over a month ago. Finally Angelenos are now able to enjoy a little French fine dining without flying across the globe. In addition to the cozy yet sexy décor, Bistrot Bagatelle provides music to accompany your evening. On Saturday nights a live DJ is present to turn up the heat, and switch the mood and mix today’s hottest beats for all in attendance.

On Tuesday, April 10th 2012, Bistrot Bagatelle invited Hollywood insiders to the venue to taste some signature cocktails and fine cuisine from its menu. Serving as a sneak peek as to what we can expect from the Bistrot, we were able to try the perfect mix of signature cocktails and French inspired cuisine.

Bistrot Bagatelle introduced its ‘Six a Huit Cocktails’, which include: Bajan Groove, Remember When, Sangria Rouge of Bagatelle, and Girl from Lima. These cocktails were far from ordinary. Each cocktail was full of flavor and very different from the one before. Some cocktails were light and refreshing while others were packed with spice and flavors. ‘Bajan Groove’ has distinctive assets and mixed flavors that embody this cocktail. Hints of basil, cucumber, and mint mixed with grey goose vodka and coconut water makes this the perfect drink on a hot summer day! ‘Remember When’ mixed belvedere vodka, pear, lemon juice, and basil. This cocktail was one of my favorites, because it’s light, fresh, and is perfect for socializing. Putting a twist on the common drink, the ‘Sangria Rouge of Bagatelle’, is a not your average sangria! For those of you who like a nice cocktail with a punch, ‘Girl from Lima’ is the way to go! Infused with jalapeño, lemon juice, and a dash of mint, ‘Girl from Lima’, will definitely wake up all of your senses and keep you on your toes.

As if the cocktails aren’t breathtaking enough, the food is phenomenal! As we were sipping on cocktails the chefs were bringing out a variation of appetizers for us to sample. A few of my favorites were: Tartare de Thon, Tartare de Boefu au Couteau, and Pickled Pork Belly Sauce Moutarde. Tartare de  Thon’, is yellow-fin tuna tartar, the bottom was avocado infused with cilantro and citrus soy vinaigrette and served with taro chips. This was an interesting twist to me, as I’ve tried various ‘tuna tartar’ from other restaurants, however, this ‘Tartare de Thon’, was very different, so decadent and one of my favorite cold appetizers served. ‘Tartare de Boeuf au Couteau’ is hand-cut filet mignon, quail egg, capers, crispy shallots, and petite herbs salad, what more can you ask for?! The “‘Pickled Pork Belly’ Sauce Moutarde”, is pickled pork belly, sauternes, poached Fuji apples, celery branch, horseradish, and sauce moutarde. This warm appetizer was by far my favorite. It was my first time trying ‘pickled pork belly’, and wasn’t quite sure how it would taste. This dish is so rich and has a variety of flavors seeping out of it which immediately takes you on a rollercoaster of flavors and mind blowing intensity. They also served dessert, cupcakes and small cream filled donuts topped off the perfect evening.

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, grabbing drinks with friends, or a romantic dinner, Bistrot Bagatelle is the place to go that will serve your every needs for that special occasion. Leaving you breathless and with a lasting impression, Bistrot Bagatelle is simply stunning and a must see!


Published on Jun 26, 2012

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