Birch Street Bar & Grill Review - The New Hot Spot in the OC

If you were running out of hope in trying to find a restaurant that is actually created for the customer, out of Brea comes the Birch Street Bar & Grill. A restaurant that combines great food, drinks, atmosphere and most of all amazing service is soon to be recognized as the place to hangout in Orange County.

Corporate restaurants are taking over and that is not a good thing for the consumer. That is why the Birch Street Bar & Grill brings a breath of fresh air into the restaurant industry with owners who have one restaurant and one focus. Owner’s Sameer Kumar and Debby Vudhivadhana created not only a beautiful restaurant, but the atmosphere is what really sets them apart. Birch Street Bar & Grill is there sole focus and what you can usually find them in the restaurant not only making sure everything is perfect, but they are personally checking on guests to make sure they are enjoying everything and taking in suggestions.

The thing that really sets Birch Street Bar & Grill apart from the large chain restaurants is that when Sam and Debby want to make a change they can do it that day, they don’t have to run their ideas by a corporate office, they just do it. That can be seen perfectly in the fact that the menu they have for the opening weekend is not finalized, they are getting opinions for customers and looking to see what they like, what might need to be adjusted and what they can add. Sam went to USC and is originally from Pasadena and Debby attended Cal-State Fullerton, which gave them a great feel for what the Southern California diner is looking for.

Birch Street Bar & Grill

The name is almost a bit misleading with “Bar & Grill” in the title. While they definitely have an amazing bar and food that goes along with it, the high end portion of the menu is what really sets this restaurant apart. Chef Joseph Brown and Sous Chef Vince Guerrero have brought together a number of years of experience to create some flavorful dishes. The fettuccine alfredo with salmon is a great dish and honestly the portions are big enough if you have two people, this would be a great dish to share. The noodles are very wide and thick, they really had an authentic Italian feel to the noodles. The salmon was a very nice size piece of fish and grilled to a slight blackened crisp on the outside while still moist and tender with each bite. If you enjoy salmon you will be get hooked on this version. Sticking with pasta, the menu also offers a portabella and cheese ravioli. This dish is ravioli stuffed with cheese and portabella mushrooms in an alfredo sauce. I did not get a chance to sample this one, but it sounds very flavorful and finding out that it was sold-out on the preview weekend tells me it must have been a hit. Finally one of my favorite things to learn about the Birch Street Bar & Grill is that they have a relationship with a vendor that will supply them with fresh in-season fish, so you will get something new and fresh every week on the menu.

Alfredo and Salmon

What would a bar & grill be without a burger and the “Birch Street” burger is done right. Angus sirloin beef served up with white cheddar cheese and their own secret sauce, this burger is so juicy you better make sure you eat over your plate or you are going to find some burger juice on your shirt. The other sandwich that caught my eye but I did not try was the roasted turkey sandwich. There is no way this sandwich could not help but catch your eye as it was piled so high with turkey that it almost looked cartoonish. You better bring your appetite for this sandwich. Served on wheat berry bread along with apple wood bacon, this sounds like a unique flavor combination; I look forward to giving this one a try in the future.

BBQ Pork Sliders

If you are just making your way in for one of the twenty beers on tap or any of the signature cocktails that are in the works, Chef Brown has come up with some tantalizing appetizers that you can make a meal out of to pair with your drink. The BBQ Pork Sliders really were the hit of the menu, as far as sliders go this is as good as it gets. The slow roasted pork was tender and full of flavor with a slight sweet and tangy edge provided by the barbeque sauce and complimented by cole slaw to provide a perfect blend of flavors. Three of these served up on one plate will be more than enough to fill you up. If you are looking for something original, the way they serve up deviled eggs is one I have never seen before. The deviled eggs are served with a topping of lobster, crab, grilled shrimp, smoked salmon and red caviar. You will find this one to be a true delicacy.

Deviled Eggs

To keep with their emphasis on being a local establishment, Birch Street Bar & Grill has put together an assortment of great different offers for various nights of the week and they also plan of having different local bands perform. In addition to a happy hour that runs from 4 to 8 p.m. every night, Birch Street Bar & Grill has the following weekly events:

Birch Street Bar & Grill is the type of restaurant that creates such a warm and friendly setting that once you visit, you will keep coming back. Great food, a great assortment of drinks, ownership that really cares and a staff that treats every customer like they are their only customer, Birch Street Bar & Grill has created a blueprint for success that hopefully more restaurants will learn to follow.

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