Bagatelle Sunday Brunch Review – The One Place You Need to be Every Sunday

Sunday Brunch in Los Angeles is commonplace. In this city, to set yourself apart you really need to create a memorable setting. Bagatelle has done that in such a way that, after one visit to their Sunday escapade, the name Bagatelle and Sunday Brunch will be synonymous in your mind always, and will leave you wishing that there where just a few more hours in the last day of the week to keep the party going.


The classic and stylish setting that Bagatelle provides lends itself to what has become the place to celebrate with friends. Don’t let the lavishly fun atmosphere fool you into thinking that this is just a place to enjoy some cocktails and live it up with your friends. The menu actually steals the show at Bagatelle, making this definitely a venue to come for the food and stay for the fun.

Tuna Tartare

The Bagatelle Sunday brunch comes with a fairly small menu, but when you execute every item on that menu to perfection, you don’t need to go over-the-top with an outlandish amount of items. You could begin and end your day with the tuna tartare – it’s no exaggeration to call it the best in all of Los Angeles.  Bagatelle begins with a simply flawless and beautiful yellow-fin tuna, which is placed upon a bed of avocado and soy sauce. The combination of flavors really hit you with the soy citrus vinaigrette that is reduced with shallots to provide a powerfully flavorful sauce, which is then offset by the avocado that has just a hint of red onion and shallot to elevate the flavor. Once you get all of those ingredients in one bite on a crispy tarot chip, you almost feel like stopping. Sometimes when you have something that perfect ,you feel as if there is no need to go on. There certainly is no shame in going in the other direction with the beef tartare, a beautiful piece of hand-cut filet mignon paired with quail egg, capers and crispy shallots. There are other appetizers, but trust me, one or the other of the tartare dishes is the only way to go.

Truffle Scrambled Eggs

Truffle Chicken

Onto the main course and everyone who visits Bagatelle can be thankful that they are big fans of truffles. If you love a rich and powerful flavor in every bite, the truffle scrambled eggs are for you. Light and fluffy, these hen’s eggs come served with an English muffin or croissant and there is no skimping on the truffles. To complete the dish they are given some parmesan cheese and prepared with olive oil. Bagatelle takes the perfect brunch dish and elevates it to a level that other restaurants are going to have to reach for. Sticking with the truffle theme, Bagatelle also serves a truffle-roasted chicken that has a hint of truffle flavor, but even more impressive is the tenderness and juiciness that they are able to achieve. A great option with friends is to order a few dishes and share. That way you could try the short rib hash, lobster benedict, and of course the truffle frites are a must as a side dish. Stay tuned as white truffle season is just around the corner, so you can expect those to be all over the Bagatelle menu.

DJ Jeremy de Koste

The Party Punch Bowl

While you are dining, champagne is front and center at Bagatelle and you are likely to find plenty of mimosas being served to complete your brunch experience. But as this truly is the place for friends to gather to let loose for the day, the drink of the day is one that is meant to be shared. The punch bowl cocktail was made for a party, as it comes out with giant straws for everyone at the table and is brought in celebratory style with a giant sparkler by the Bagatelle staff. The brunch kicks off at 11 and they have a little bit of a low-key setting until 2 p.m. Then this daytime party kicks off with world-class DJs taking over and playing until 7 p.m. while the drinks and fun flow for the duration of the day. There isn’t a question of whether this will be your new favorite spot on Sundays, the only question will be who you might bump into as Bagatelle has long been known as the place to be seen.

The Only Way to Serve a Sundae

If you don’t want to spend your Sunday lying on your couch dreading the beginning of the work week, make your Sunday more than the end of the week, make it something memorable. Bagatelle will make you love your Sundays and it will quickly become a ritual for you and your friends as you will be looking forward to your next Sunday brunch all week long.

For more information visit Bagatelle

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