Zip Fusion

Zip Korean for "home"

There is nothing like going home especially for a comforting home cooked meal.  A visit to Zip Fusion is nothing like eating at home.  No matter where you call home, America or Korea, I guarantee you this is not your momma's cooking.

Dining Room

In Korean Zip means "home", and home was the inspiring element in owner Jason Ha's creation of his restaurant Zip Fusion.  Growing up in Korea, Ha's parents introduced him to a variety of international foods. His fun-loving enterprising father was born in Japan and educated in America; his mother's family came from a long line of restaurateurs in Seoul. Together, the two families operated a number of highly successful Japanese, American, and Korean restaurants throughout Korea. "At my house, we were always ready to try something new," says Ha. "My father brought us tastes from all over the world, and there were always new things to discover. I learned to appreciate food from everywhere, and that great food was great food no matter what its origin."

Tofu Seafood Salad and Crazy Pork

Executive Chef, Sean An comes from Seoul and was formally trained in sushi. An cooked for generals in the Korean military during his tour of duty. He plays a major role in creating the vibrant dishes at Zip Fusion.  Always eager to explore new culinary possibilities An plays a major role in creating dishes for Zip. He uses the challenge of matching his cuisine to the vibrant interior designs Ha has created. "Right now, I am studying fresh vegetables. Asian and Western vegetables can have completely different tastes and are rarely seen in the same dishes. I have some surprises for Jason" Says An.

Whisky Back Soda Sushi and Jalepeno Tuna Tempura

Jason Ha owner, Executive Chef Sean An and Chefs

Both An and Ha have surprises for their customers.  The first is the friendly and expert staff that prides themselves on knowing their customers, calling many by their first names after their first visit. Then there is the newest location on the Westside at the Olympic Collection. The decor there is contemporary warm and inviting. In addition to the main dining room with its high exposed ceilings, there is a private dining room perfect for intimate parties. As an added surprise there are two karaoke rooms where guests can sip on exotic drinks like the well known herbal ginseng Korean wine, Bekseju. Renowned for its medicinal qualities and full of ten herbs it is a delicate rice wine. Or they can try  "Soju" a popular South Korean drink known as an Asian vodka.  Soju has a slight sweet taste and can have around 20% alcohol content. Zip has paired it with unique flavors featuring cocktails with plum, mango, blueberry, peach, honeydew and more flavors.

Private Dining Room

Back to the Karaoke you can enjoy your drinks, while choosing from a very large library of popular songs with either Korean or English subtitles. The Karaoke rooms can also be rented out privately for parties where you can eat drink and sing to your hearts delight.

Zip Fusion Bowl and Summer Fresh

Alva-Cado and Scallop

As for the food I don't know where to start. Do I write first about the picture perfect presentation of every dish? Extolling the artistic creativity and imagination of the chefs. Or, do I talk about the flavors of the food? The delicately blended tastes melding textures and ingredients brought together in unique ways.

Yahoo Roll and Jazz Roll

Lets start with presentation. Each and every dish, which was paraded in front of me, was beautiful to behold. The creative use of ingredients, make dishes that look more like a painting, than eatable food.  The food is savorable (Is that a word?  Well, maybe I just made it up.)  it means worth savoring each and every bit.  And savor it you will from the first mouthful to the last, this food takes you on a journey not just to Asia but also beyond.  Featuring Korean ingredients in sushi and original dishes with Japanese, Vietnamese, Italian and American touches.  Some dishes worth mentioning are the Zip Alba-Cado, fresh seasoned Albacore wrapped by thin sliced Avocado. The Whisky Back and Soda Sushi which looks like delicate mosaic tiles, made of tuna, salmon, tomato, asparagus, crab, gobo and avocado wrapped in flash fried crunchy batter. Sauces that include up to 18 ingredients. Or the Bulkogi Tofu with sweet and salty beef and tofu. Choices abound and you'll want to go back again and again to sample one delight after another.

Zip Ocean Harvest and Giant Ponzu Oyster


With two locations Zip brings you a "home" cooked meal like none you've ever had.

Westside:  Olympic Collection ground floor, 11301 W. Olympic Blvd. at Sawtelle, Los Angeles, CA  90064  edge of Little Kyoto.") 310-575-3636, One hour validated and street parking

Downtown:  744 East 3rd Street (edge of the Artist District), Los Angeles, CA  90013, 213.680.3770

Business Hours:
M-F  11:30 AM-2:30 PM
Downtown  M-Th  5Pm-11PM      Fri-Sat  5 PM-Midnight
Westside:  Sun-Wed  5 PM-Midnight  Th-Sat  5 PM-2 AM

Happy Hour: M-F 5 PM-&PM  (1/2 price drinks and appetizers)

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