The Camden House of Beverly Hills Grand Opening Post-Grammy Awards Day After Celebration

The Camden House, Beverly Hills' newest restaurant, bar and wine club, opened February 9th, the day after the Grammys, to a grand reception hosted by Shaun Toub from CRASH, currently up for six Oscar nominations;

Dr. Anthony Griffin of Extreme Makeover.

Sean Kanan, currently daytime Emmy nominated; actress Holly Bonelli; Gary Michael Walters of Bold Films, producing BOBBY, directed by Emilio Estevez with cast including Christian Slater, Sharon Stone, William H. Macy, Demi Moore, Anthony Hopkins, Lyndsey Lohan, Elijah Wood, Lawrence Fishburne, Helen Hunt, Heather Graham and Svetlana Metkina.

Brand new and born out of demand to bring nightlife back to Beverly Hills, The Camden House is being opened by George Besson formerly owner of the mythical  Bar One.

Joshua LeBar

Exclusive aspects of The Camden House include private wine club, private screening room, another screen that comes out of the ceiling in the main room, committee-based membership that controls access to the most desirable areas and times of the lounge, ambience, live music, dancing and a certain je ne sais quoi especially appealing for entertainment industry power lunches as much as evening rendezvous.

The Camden House bar & lounge brings a new dimension to Beverly Hills nightlife. With the ambient soundscapes of World music mixed with the design concepts of leading interior designers, The Camden House's bar and lounge offers the Entertainment elite an escape from the pseudo 'Hollywood-Hip' found on Sunset Blvd with an ideal gathering location. Either as a staging area for the restaurant or as a destination for drinks, the bar & lounge offers the ultimate social gathering place in Beverly Hills.

Shana Sands-Lamas

The Camden House offers added convenience for wine lovers with the creation of its unique wine cellar. This 'Members Only' feature allows wine connoisseurs and amateurs alike to house their favorite bottles of wine in a secure and climate controlled storage facility. Members may store their wine over time -- allowing it to age to perfection and may request it anytime (without corking fee) they visit The Camden House.

The Camden House offers a new viewing destination for the Hollywood elite with the creation of its private screening room. This 'Members Only' feature provides entertainment industry professionals and celebrities with a state-of-the-art facility to showcase their upcoming projects, upon availability. Ideal for entertaining guests, friends and industry professionals, the The Camden House screening room provides a best in quality and discretion.

Christa Cambel

The Camden House offers a wonderful setting for special events and parties catering to the Hollywood A-List. From television production wrap parties and fund raisers to annual Oscar night and Grammy Awards pre and post parties, The Camden House will meet and exceed the expectations of its high valued patrons. Dancing: After enjoying a wonderful dinner, members can dance the night away, in a designated area, featuring music from DJ's and an occasional live jazz band. Additional members of the Grand Opening's Official Host Committee include Joshua LeBar from HBO's ENTOURAGE; Robert Bagnell of Showtime's THE COMEBACK; Cassandra Mann of the Alfred Mann Foundation; Leena Holland the teenage fashion icon; Jojo Holland from MTV's NEXT; Carlos Carreras of UTA; Jack Gilardi of ICM; Yana K the L.A. runway designer; D.B. Sweeney from THE CUTTING EDGE and just back from Sundance with his film DIRT NAP; Christina Martin of EQUITY; and DJ Ted Stryker from KROQ 106.7.

Painting by Daniel Maltzman.

Taking place the day after the Grammys, The Camden House Grand Opening was covered by Music Plus Television, whose mandate to focus on the music, follow their ears and bring artists and fans together' reminds us of what MTV used to be. Recording artists attend the Grand Opening include Fall Out Boy, Stereo Suite, Venice Maki, Hodges Taylor, DJ Efren Ramirez as well as artists and executives from North Star Media.

Painting by Daniel Maltzman.

Benefiting Angel Food Charity, the event is also affiliated with Mindfire Entertainment, I.D. Talent Agency, North Star Media and Tomorrow's Horizons production company, whose credits to date include HACK! and CARPOOL GUY.

Jason of Beverly Hills, a fine diamond and personal jeweler, was the exclusive jewelry partner to the event, also sponsored by Tricarico Chavez LLP, the famed entertainment law firm with clients such as award-winning director Ang Lee. The Camden House walls feature paintings by Daniel Maltzman.

The Camden House 
430 N. Camden
Beverly Hills, CA 

The official event host committee includes: D.B. Sweeney (THE CUTTING EDGE, DARWIN AWARDS, DIRT NAP), Shaun Toub (CRASH, six Oscar nominations), Gary Michael Walters (BOBBY, MINNIE'S FIRST TIME, COME EARLY MORNING), Cassandra Mann (Alfred Mann Foundation), Leena Holland (fashion icon), Jojo Holland (model), DJ Ted Stryker from KROQ 106.7, Holly Bonelli (FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION, UPN's ALL OF US), Carlos Carreras (UTA), Jack Gilardi (ICM), Sean Kanan (current Daytime Emmy nomination for BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL), Robert Bagnell (Showtime's THE COMEBACK), Christina Martin (EQUITY), Joshua LeBar (HBO's Entourage), Carolina Bacardi (BACARDI heiress), Gal Lipkin (The Camden House), George Besson (The Camden House; and formerly of BAR ONE).

Tomorrow's Horizons (CARPOOL GUY, HACK!), Jason of Beverly Hills (Personal jeweler), Yana K (L.A. runway designer), Music Plus Television, Mindfire Entertainment (Cinefantastique Magazine, CFQ Films, Femme Fatale Magazine), I.D. Talent Agency, North Star Media.

Photography by Paul Monroe.

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