Stonefire Grill - A Father's Day Feast

First impressions can be deceiving. When you first enter the Stonefire Grill, you aren't seated or waited on, there is a menu inside the door and you place your order in the front and seat yourself. This may bring to mind a restaurant of a lower standard, but that could not be further from the truth, as the Stonefire Grill proves you don't need a waiter to be served first-class, five-star food.

Inside the Stonefire Grill

If you are looking for a great way to satisfy dad's taste buds and leave him and his family stuffed on Father's Day, the Stonefire is the place to go. The key word is 'family,' as in  you better bring your family because you will need some help eating all the food you get with the large family style portions. All the items are made to share, so remember that when ordering, but don't worry if you can't eat it all, that just gives you a great snack for later. And just because you don't have a waiter or waitress, you aren't alone, as the staff at the Stonefire Grill is very friendly and helpful. You also won't be in for sticker shock with the prices, as you won't find better food at a better value anywhere.

The ribs on the grill and the tasty result

Father's day only comes once a year, so instead of making dad choose, I would say place an order of both the barbeque tri tip and a slap of ribs. After tasting both, I don't think you will be able to say which is better, the tri tip that is like butter or the ribs that have the meat falling right off the bone. Both of these items are slow cooked overnight at a very low heat to give both items there tenderness.  In addition, the Stonefire's own barbeque sauce has managed to develop a flavor that is subtle enough as to let you enjoy what you are eating while the flavor of the sauce just enhances the food and does not overpower it.

The tender tri tip

The Stonefire Grill even managed to take a salad from something just to kill time before the main course gets to you and turned into a main course itself. There are a total of thirteen different salads, but if you are going to try one, make it the Stonefire's signature salad, the BBQ Chopped Salad.  Somehow they managed to put barbeque chicken or barbeque tri tip, your choice, on top of the salad. I would have never thought of this and certainly never would have believed that it would taste this amazing. The salad is perfectly mixed with a number of items, but it's the cheese, cilantro and ranch dressing that is somehow mixed perfectly with whichever meat you choose that takes this from a salad and turns it into a meal. Be ready when you order the salad though, as with everything at the Stonefire, you will be overwhelmed by the size. A medium is more than likely to leave you with some to take home, but also feel free to bring a few friends and just order the salad as enjoyable light lunch.

Stonefire's original BBQ chopped salad

Don't pass up on the side dishes, as the garlic mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese will leave you asking how two such simple dishes can be so far from simple. The potatoes have the garlic baked into it and are so flavorful, nothing else needs to be added and the macaroni and cheese, well when you see it, your first thought will be cheese as it is everywhere and it is thick and delicious.

To finish the day off the Stonefire offers some fabulous deserts. Cheesecake, carrot cake and a tasty brownie at the cost of only 2.59 just might be the best value in town and oh yeah did I mention these are all super-sized.

The Stonefire also takes care of the customers who aren't in the restaurant. They offer take-out service as well as a catering service that will have your friends and family begging to know where you found this food.

The Stonefire Grill currently has five locations. To find out more information, visit:

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