Stakes Supper Club Review - The Steak is Just the Start

Adding a steakhouse to a casino seems like a fitting move, the two make a perfect pairing. Stakes Supper Club in the Commerce Casino went a little further than your everyday restaurant and made sure that this steakhouse could stand alone wherever you put it.

Stakes pulled off a nice tri-fecta with it’s recent opening. To begin with, Stakes put together a world-class menu, from the bread to begin your meal and it nevers fall off, keeping your taste buds enticed all the way to the desserts. Secondly, Stakes has a menu that is priced in such a manner that it will give you a far better value for your dollar than you are going to find at a comparable steakhouse. Finally they have assembled a staff from top-to-bottom that will ensure not only that Stakes will be a success, but that your meal will be a success as well.

Macadamia Crusted Baked Baby Brie

What sets Stakes apart from most other restaurants is the originality that is offered in it’s menu. An appetizer that I’m sure you won’t find anywhere else, but you will wish you could, is the macadamia crusted baby brie. This is truly one of the best appetizers you will find anywhere and this dish by itself will keep you coming back to Stakes. This dish has a flawless flow of flavors that are molded together in such a way that each bite gives you a new taste sensation as the rich brie is complimented by the sweetness of the honeycomb and joined with the crunch of a wafer. You could fill yourself up just on the appetizer menu as there are two more items that you should give a try. First the jumbo lump crab cakes is a meal all by itself, not only is it likely the biggest crab cake you will ever come across, but it is also the tastiest. The other choice would have be the Carpaccio of Prime Filet,  pounded right to the plate, Stakes hit another home run here. If soup is to your liking a great way to begin your meal or if you are just in between card games and want something to fill you up, the Kobe steak and barley soup will be everything you are looking for with its rich and full flavor.

Carpaccio of Prime Filet

This is a steakhouse, so enough of the warmup food, lets move on to the main event! Stakes provides Aurora Ranch hand selected USCA choice beef and what does that tell you? Simple you know it is going to be a quality steak that is in front of you. The first thing that will strike you is the value, you are going to be hard-pressed to find this quality of a piece of meat at the prices that they offer and you won't be disappointed when you taste it. Two things you are given, a knife and steak sauce are two things you won't need. The simple hickory butter that is put on the steak provides all the flavor it needs, the sauces are great by why take away from the taste of the meat. The porter house that I tasted, well the only thing I used my knife for was to hold the meat as it was so tender I could just pull it off with my fork. If you love seafood you could go with lobster or salmon but why not take advantage of the creative juices that flow from Stakes and try the Medallions of Filet "Oscar." Stakes brought back this classic dish that put an great crab mixture on top of tasty Stakes filets. If you like seafood and steak you will "LOVE" this combination.

Dry Aged Porter House

What fine dining experience would be complete without some wine and Stakes again made sure they provide only the best for you. Stakes went through a long search to come up with its wine list and topping that list is Cobblestone Winery, if you are going to choose a bottle, make sure it is from the Cobblestone selection, it is one of those wines you just can't put down.

Fantastic waitress Jan serving up wine

“This is the first of many things that we are looking to accomplish in the food and beverage area at the Commerce Casino, we will have more things coming in the near future,” said Tom O'Connor, Food and Beverage Director for Commerce Casino.

Apple Martini

Stakes is a great place to visit on a Friday or Saturday evening as they have live jazz playing and that just adds to the atmosphere. The interior of the restaurant was designed by Commerce Casino co-owner Suzanne Papaian and she put together a very classic steakhouse style and romantic setting.

Warm Molten Chocolate Cake

To make your meal complete, Stakes has put together an enticing and unique dessert menu. I’d say the can’t miss is the Molten Chocolate Cake. Now you might ask what is so original about that and the answer is, they have topped it off with a Tahitian vanilla ice cream that really sets this dessert apart from your typical chocolate cake with its powerful flavor. If you like ice cream you aren’t going to get your ordinary ice cream at Stakes, what you will get is a rich and flavorful Ciao Bella Gelato and the pistachio flavored choice is going to dazzle the taste buds with its flavor.

Ciao Bella "Quad"

Papaian not only created the gorgeous setting of Stakes, but she also put together a fantastic team to help make sure that this restaurant would set itself apart from other steakhouses. The Food and Beverage Director O’Connor, brings a wealth of experience as he was previously an Executive Chef at Santa Anita Race Track and Universal Studios and began his career at the Culinary Institute of America in New York. Executive Chef Robert Phillips also brings to the table a California background, as he was previously the assistant executive chef at USC and he was also the executive chef at the Anaheim Convention Center.

The classic atmosphere at Stakes

If you are looking for much more than a steak, Stakes is a must add to your list of favorite restaurants in Los Angeles. Hopefully you won’t think that you have to be a gambler to enjoy Stakes and instead of being knows as a steakhouse that is in a casino, Stakes will simply be known as a great steakhouse. Whether you are coming from Orange County, you are already in the Los Angeles or you are visiting from anywhere else in the world, this is one restaurant that you must put on your dining schedule. One more thing, Stakes is also open for breakfast and lunch, so anytime you are in the mood for something tasty, Stakes is there for you.

For more information on Stakes and the Commerce Casino, visit:

For reservations, visit: or call (323) 721-2100

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