San Antonio Winery Review - Bringing the Joy of Wine to Los Angeles

Sonoma, Napa, Monterey are all home to amazing wineries, but they are also far enough away from Los Angeles that you will need to make some travel plans in order to visit any of them. If you stellar wine that can be poured next to that of any other winery, the San Antonio Winery has been supplying Los Angeles with wine since 1917. After one visit, you will find that you can have an award-winning bottle of wine as well as a winery experience right in Southern California.

Barrels of Wine

Inside the San Antonio Winery you will find their own award-winning labels and also an amazing assortment of wines from all over the world and they have wines that fit every budget. One of the best parts of the winery is that at any time of the day you can go into the wine shop, pull up to the counter and you can have a tasting of a variety of wines that are avaliable for sale in the shop. If you are not sure of what you are looking for, let them know what you are planning or what you are cooking and they have the experts to guide you in the right direction.

The San Antonio Winery not only provides you with a winery in the backyard of Los Angeles, but it also is gives you a history lesson. This is the only remaining winery from over 100 wineries that ran up and down the Los Angeles River Basin in the early 1900’s. They weathered the prohibition era by producing sacramental wines for the Catholic Church and once prohibition was repealed the winery began to flourish once again and is so noteworthy that the city of Los Angeles designated the San Antonio Winery a Cultural Historical Landmark.

The San Antonio Winery

This is much more than a winery and you could become a returning visitor just for the restaurant within the winery. Maddalena Riboli started this restaurant with the thought of bringing a European feel to a family dining experience. She accomplished that with a very cozy and family setting that offers up a wide assortment of fresh dishes that especially for this day in age give you a lot of value for your dollar.

The original San Antonio Winery

If you love your wine or if you are someone who is just starting out and trying to acclimate your taste buds, the San Antonio Winery has put together some great classes that will benefit anybody who enjoys wine. The “Wine 101” class is taught by the winery manager Michael Papalia and no matter how much you think you know about wine, after you leave this class you will leave with more knowledge than what you walked through the door with. This class takes you through understanding the process of winemaking, what to look for on the label of a bottle of wine, and so much more. The class pays for itself with the amazing lunch that is served and paired perfectly with an assortment of wines that you get to try. This really is an amazing value.

Bottling wine

Upcoming Food and Wine Classes:
“To Your Health: Understanding Health Benefits of Wine” – Sunday, February 22nd

“A Match Made in Heaven: Pairing Wine with Cheese” – Saturday, March 21st

“Wine 101: Introduction to Wine” – Saturday, April 11th

For more information on the winery, the restaurant and upcoming wine classes, visit: or call (323) 223-1401.

The San Antonio Winery is located at 737 Lamar Street in Los Angeles.

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