Pink's Famous Chili Dogs

From their bratwurst dogs to their overflowing chili-dog delights, your late night rumblings are sure to be satisfied. But upon arrival, you're also sure to see that you weren't the only one craving LA's most famous hot dogs. The lines at Pink's are almost as legendary as their eats. But with the right frame of mind, the line can become half of fun with limos regularly pulling up alongside low-riders for one of LA's ultimate guilty pleasure. And in a town built around hype, you may wonder if these dogs are really worth the wait, but in this case, the answer is a resounding "yes!" After all, with their items such as their namesake's "famous" homemade chili, mouth-tingling sauerkraut, spicy bratwurst and famed 'Rosie's Long Island Dog, you can hardly go wrong. Oh, and before I forget, they also serve burgers. The health-conscious can enjoy the alternative turkey dog option - but then again, isn't that a bit like ordering a diet Coke with you fast food? What's the point? For over 60 years, the entire reason behind Pink's with its glaring neon and ancient seating, is to indulge and enjoy!

709 N. La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Sunday through Thursday -- 9:30am to 2am
Friday through Saturday -- 9:30am to 3am

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