Natural Products Expo West - Helping Organics to Continue to Grow

Natural Products Expo West held this past weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center celebrated its 30th anniversary with a record attendance of over 56,000.

Expo West once again accomplished its goal by bringing out some of the latest and greatest organic products that are on the market. In addition to all of the great products the Expo provided the latest news on the organic industry and as always tried to educate everyone in the different aspects of organics.

Saskia Foley and Radius Toothbrush

One of the highlights of the weekend was getting a chance to see all of the advances in food that is out there for the consumer to purchase. You might not think of pre-packaged food as a great option if you are eating organic, but there are some amazing companies that are preparing very tasty products that you can pick up at almost any store. It truly is becoming easier and easier to switch to an organic lifestyle. If you eat it you can be sure that you can find an organic version of whatever is on your plate.

Dr. Charles Benbrook

The Organic Center focused on seven predictions for 2010 and beyond regarding organics:

1. An increase in the number of children facing developmental issues including autism, ADHD, birth defects and allergies.

2. An increase in the number of Americans who are obese, diabetic, or both.

3. A decrease in the efficacy of life-saving antibiotics.

4. An increase in disease linked to inflammation.

5. An increase in the spread of 'super weeds.'

6. The continued rapid decline of honey bees.

7. Global warming.

Sweet Sweat

Expo West showcased so many amazing organic products that if you are looking to make a difference, you would like to find out more about organics or you already are trying to live organic but would just like to find some new and different products; this is the place to visit next year. A few of the more noteworthy vendors:

Oxylent was voted one of the “Top Ten Best New Products of 2009” and it is easy to understand why after doing a little research on this amazing product. Powdered vitamin drinks have been become increasingly popular as a quick and easy way to supplement your diet and to have something handy as you workout, but Oxylent goes far beyond the typical product. Founder Lisa Lent came up with four step solution that Oxylent provides to support optimal cellular health; it oxygenates, hydrates, circulates and rejuvenates. It also has a number of vitamins. The one that most of us are lacking in most is Vitamin D, which Oxylent has and this is a key ingredient for bone and immune health. In addition Oxylent tastes great and really has set the bar when it comes to a multivitamin drink.

Oxylent CEO and founder Lisa Lent (center)

What is a toothbrush doing at this expo you might wonder. Well that is easy to understand after you learn about the Radius Toothbrush. The Radius Toothbrush has a wide head with 300% more bristles than your average toothbrush, which is key to not only brushing your teeth better, but also to get those gums that most of us neglect. Radius has a wide assortment of brushes ranging from kids to adults and they are now being made with a replacement head, what a great way to keep those landfills from filling up. Radius also has a great natural silk floss that is 100% biodegradeable. If you want to take care of your teeth as well as the environment, check out Radius.

Sports supplements are everywhere these days and are being marketed to everyone, not just your serious athlete, the problem is what exactly do those supplements contain that you are putting into your body? Brendan Brazier asked that very question and so he did research and put together the Vega line of products that not only provided him with what he was looking for but it also helped to propel him to become a top professional Ironman triathlete. If you are using a plant-based diet and are looking for supplements that will work for you, Vega is the only place to look. 

Blake's All Natural Foods

There were plenty of new drinks that were being promoted, but it was an old favorite that once again came up with something new and tasty, Honest Tea. This year they introduced Honest Kombucha which is live, organic and raw. This drink comes in three flavors, the tastiest being the berry hibiscus, but these drinks are a little different in the fact that they have a little fizz to them and they have active probiotic cultures. Honest Tea has managed to not only come up with the best tasting tea in an amazing assortment of flavors, but they are also well known as the tea with the most nutritional punch.

One of the tastiest snacks to pack in your lunch or to enjoy anytime of the day are Funky Monkey Snacks. If you like the crunch of a chip you will love these snacks as they not only crunch with every bite, but they do it in a healthy way. These are freeze dried fruit pieces and the way that Funky Monkey makes their chips not only makes them tasty, but also preserves most of the benefits of the fruit, unlike many other products that lose all of their goodness as they are processed. Funky Monkey has an assortment of flavors, but the Pink Pineapple, which is 95% organic, is one that will cure any sweet tooth with its combination of pineapple and guava. You can find Funky Monkey online as well as a variety of stores. Funky Monkey will surely become one of your go-to snacks after your first bite.

Kaia Naturals has created a cleansing wipe that will not only clean your face, but will do it without all of the harsh chemicals that are found in most other wipes. The Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths are great for everyday use, but for those of you with sensitive skin you will find these as a great alternative to other cleansing products. Bamboo is not as well known when it comes to production of almost any product, but it has a number of great qualities including the fact that it reaches maturity in only 3-4 years and it also produces 35 percent more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. In addition to being a fabulous product, the cloths are biodegradable and come from a renewable source. The Kaia Naturals Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths are not only a great way to clean your face but also a great way to help the environment.

The North American Hemp Company has put together a fabulous line of products that will help take care of your entire body using certified organic hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil in hair care products provide rich omega-3, 6, & 9 essential fatty acids and nutrients. Hair products today tend to have ingredients that you are likely to have no idea what they and that means you don't know what is going on your scalp, while these hair products gave me a safe feeling when it was time wash and style my hair. For you guys who like to have your hair under control, the Urban Jungle - Max Hold Gel is a winner. A great product line that will clean your body from head to toe.

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