Matchbox Restaurant Review – A Fiery Restaurant

Looking up from the street below to the breathtaking Matchbox restaurant, you will find the only thing more enticing than the setting is food that not only includes wood fired pizza, but it also features a menu that makes this restaurant much more than a pizza place.

The best pizza in Palm Springs!

Now don’t confuse Matchbox with any other pizza place or assume that it is going to be filled with Italian dishes, nothing could be further from the truth. You certainly must start with the pizza at Matchbox, if you have not had the privilege of trying a wood fired pizza, you are in for a treat. There is something almost magical that the fire does to the pizza that a normal pizza oven does not do. The thin crust, freshly hand-prepared pizza gives you a crust that has an original crisp and fiery taste to it, while allowing you to really take in all the flavors that are on top of the crust. Once you have a wood fired pizza, you are going to spend many late nights eating some cheap alternative wishing you were at Matchbox.

Overlooking Palm Springs

Matchbox is known for its pizza, but unlike most other pizza places that will give you some pasta and Italian driven dishes, at Matchbox when you go to the other side of the menu you will find something entirely different. What you will find are a number of chef driven bistro dishes that allows Matchbox to separate itself from just being classified as a pizza place. Chef Michael Estrada put his signartue on every dish on the menu. The dish that highlights the menu has to be the the grilled dijon-crusted pork chop. Finding a good pork chop, well it is hard to find in my opinion, if you get too tricky they tend to be dry and if you go in the other direction and want to keep if juicy and fresh tasting you won't find a lot of flavor. Matchbox pulled it off, as the breading and dijon flavor gives you a rich and robust flavor that works well with a nice glass of wine and they did keep the pork chop juicy and tasty. If you like pork chops you are not going to find one better than this. Matchbox seemed to come up with interesting twists to all of its dishes, including a fabulous red wine gorgonzola topping that went with the grilled top sirloin. I don't like doing much to my steak, but this is a great addition that only enhances the flavor of the sirloin. To start your meal off you can not go wrong with the grilled jumbo scallops, they literally melt in your mouth and the grilled flavor makes the scallops flawless.

Pepper-crusted yellow finn tuna

When it comes to drinks, Matchbox makes sure that whether it is something to go with your meal or you want to enjoy it at the fabulous happy hour, they have something different and unusual for everyone. Matchox offers up a large assortment of beers from all over the country and most you won't find other places. In addition they have a large variety of martinis and mixed drinks that are a marvelous deal during happy hour.

The tasty berry blast

Matchbox caters to anyone and everyone. It has one of the more eye-opening bars in the entire country, with a bar that overlooks the street with flames arising from it. Inside the restaurant you have the perfect setting to bring in the family or a group of friends to enjoy a wood fired pizza dinner or you can bring a date in for a cozy, romantic evening. You can even get a table on the deck right above the sidewalk.

Whether you want to see or be seen, Matchbox is the place to be in Palm Springs, whichever you want to do this is the one restaurant that you want to visit and you

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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