Mäni's Bakery Cafe Review - Good Food That's Good For You

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It's Thanksgiving time again, and it used to be the time for us to keep a multi-year family tradition to go to  Mäni's Bakery Cafe for our holiday pies. We go to my cousin's home for Thanksgiving dinner and it has been my mothers tradition to bring a couple of their delicious sugar free pies to my cousin. Unfortunately last year both my cousin, Richard and I were very dissapointed with the pies for the first time. They lacked the usual flavor and the pumpkin pies were dryied so much that there were large cracks in them and their taste was not up to former years. Richard has been into healthy foods for many years, way before it was hip to do so and he refrains from sugar but has our family's sweet tooth none the less. These pies from Mäni's serve to not only quell his sweet tooth but the rest of the families as well but this year we will need to either look elsewhere or make them ourselves.

Started in 1989 Mäni's has been satisfying discriminating palates and sweet-tooths with cakes, cookies, pastries and breads, baked from high quality, natural, less-refined ingredients. The restaurant portion was opened following the same mantra in the mid 90s. They offer quality food using wholesome ingredients like organically grown wheat in all of their baking, a choice of sweeteners, including fruit juice reduction, granulated maple syrup, organic cane sugar, agave syrup and more.  All of these ingredients let Mäni's serve up an array of tempting baked goods that are not overly processed which brings out the product's true flavor. The results are delicious, healthier versions of traditional foods for the health conscious connoisseur. They only use the freshest ingredients, free of artificial additives, sweeteners or preservatives and they use no hydrogenated fats in their freshly baked products.

Mäni's on Fairfax offers an all-day breakfast as well as lunch and dinner menus featuring organic takes on classic favorites.   Open from early morning to midnight daily, and offering a wide array of offerings -- from tofu scrambles to their popular signature turkey chili to espresso and biscotti. 

Located on Fairfax Ave. near Hollywood, Mäni's Bakery Cafe has a loyal following including such celebrities as Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis' whose search for dairy-free, egg-free delicacies inspired the creation of butterless peanut butter cookies and  Helen Hunt who raves about the sugar-free chocolate cake.  Danny Devito fell in love with a non-fried, fruit juice sweetened donut.  Michelle Pfieffer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Roseanne, and Tom Hanks are just some of the recognizable fans. To go along with its celebrity clientèle, MMäni's products have been featured on movie sets and television shows. They even had a starring role in the award-winning 'Got Milk?' campaign, which featured a fluffy chocolate Mäni's  cupcake.

Upon entering Mäni's  you are struck by the pastry case, full of an extensive selection of fresh-baked goodies; buttercream frosting glazes amazing cake selections, like banana and silken ganache-layered Chocolate Duo cake, and the three-layered Chocolate Raspberry Fortress cake will win over the taste buds of true chocoholics.  The rich, chocolate seasonal Yule Log with gooey layers of fudgey icing, and moist chocolate cake will have you singing the glories of natural sweeteners.  For those with less of a sweet tooth you will find a selection of  pies, apple-praline tarts, low-fat muffins and heart-shaped sandwich cookies. 

Mäni's Bakery Cafe launched a blog at www.manisblog.com to interact with his customers to get feedback and suggestions.

Mäni's motto: good food that's good for you.

519 S. Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 938-8800

Monday - Friday



7:30am -Midnight


Learn more at http://www.manisbakery.com/

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