Looking for authentic Vietnamese? Try Le Saigon.

Le Saigon is a tiny, bustling, authentic Vietnamese café¦amp;nbsp; Although you might not know it from the outside, inside you'll find giant steaming bowls of pho seasoned with cilantro, green onions, lime chile and basil.  You also get your choice of thinly sliced meat, meatballs, chicken, pork, tofu or a combo.  One tip: Ask your waiter for the meat a bit rare since it continues to cook in the broth.

Pho is just one of the delicious traditional specialties that Le Saigon offers.  Others include bun thist cha gio made of tender charbroiled beef and vermicelli noodles and hu tieu which is a pork, seafood and noodle soup.    

My favorite however is the do-it-yourself summer rolls.  Large rice paper pancakes come laid out on perforated paddles just waiting to be stuffed and rolled with your choice of BBQ chicken, tofu or marinated shrimp.  Add a little lettuce, pickled carrot, cucumber, mint and basil and you're ready to dip your creation into their amazing peanut sauce.  


The simple menu is healthy, satisfying and made with fresh ingredients.  The food is well priced and most plates run less than $7.00.

At times there is a bit of a wait but most people don't seem to mind this minor inconvenience.



Le Saigon is a perfect place for a cozy date.  But be warned: The restaurant does not serve alcohol or allow it to be brought in - so you can't count on the buzz to make you seem charming.  But hey where else are you going to try coconut juice! 


Le Saigon   

11611 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90025-2907

Phone: (310) 312-2929

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