Jade Cafe Opens in Silverlake

Photo: Candice Dixon

The new raw fusion restaurant Jade Cafe opened its doors in Silverlake with a July 29th celebration at the Silverlake Yards, a funky architectural salvage warehouse located just off of Sunset Boulevard behind the trendy 4100 Bar.

At the opening, fashionably dressed patrons milled around the antique furnishings, sipping wine and munching on Jade Cafe's 100% raw, organic, vegan appetizers.  A DJ played a variety of global beats from atop what looked like an old church pulpit.

The culinary highlights of the evening included eggplant rolls and endive leaves filled with vegan 'cream cheese' - which tasted just like the real thing, but was actually made from a base incorporating macadamia nuts, coconuts, and almonds. Meanwhile, the flavors of the food showcased the restaurant's unique brand of 'fusion' cuisine, which mixes Mexican, Italian and Thai elements.

Photo: Candace Dixon

The unusual approach to food reflected in the opening celebration's appetizers has resulted in some deliciously inventive menu options as well; a few examples include the crispy Garlic Jicama Bruschetta, the warm Cheddar Cheese and Jalapeno Fondue, and the tasty Ginger Coconut Noodles. There's even a selection of rich desserts, including a sinful Chocolate Lava Cake dressed with vegan whipped cream and raspberries.  The restaurant also offers an extensive selection of tonics, elixirs and superfoods promoting everything from youthful skin to a stronger sex drive. 

Photo: Candice Dixon

All in all, the restaurant's motto, 'indulgence without sacrifice,' seems quite appropriate, given the focus on making what's good for you actually taste good.

Jade Cafe is the brainchild of eco-entrepreneur Lesa Carlson, who founded the raw food delivery service Seed Live Cuisine, as well as the packaged raw food lines Sava and Foodology Live (currently available at various health food stores throughout Southern California, including Erewhon and Whole Foods Market). To open Jade Cafe, Carlson teamed with restaurateur Natally Raisin and investor Bruce Baker (owner of Silverlake Yards).

 Jade Cafe is located at 1521 Griffith Park Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026, and is open 7 days a week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. The intimate space holds 30. Call (323) 667-1551 or visit www.jadecafe.org for more information.




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