Jackalope Ranch Restaurant Review - Taking Your Taste Buds West

To start a restaurant review by talking about something other than the food might seem a bit crazy, but the Jackalope Ranch is one of the few restaurants that this beginning is truly fitting. A 21,000 square foot building on six-and-a-half acres is just awe inspiring and worth a visit just by itself and the food is pretty good as well.

The beautiful backyard

Once you are on the estate of Jackalope Ranch you will realize that the dream concept of the late Don Callendar was certainly brought to life. Mr. Callendar wanted to create a Western setting where people could hang out and enjoy drinks, food, music and life. The restaurant itself really gives you a sense of being in a different time and place with a true ranch feel to it. It really does not matter what you are planning, Jackalope has a room or spot for every occasion. They have a variety of dining areas and private rooms, but the best part is the backyard. It is just stunning, with an outdoor bar, dining, a waterfall and it really is just a place that you wish was your backyard and if you want to get married here, well come on over because they can help you with that.

Ribs and chicken

Atmosphere and the beauty of the restaurant and grounds will probably get your foot in the door and peak your interest to see what Jackalope is all about, but it is the food and drinks that will keep you coming back time and time again.

The best thing about the Jackalope menu is that there is no possible way you can look at it and not find something to enjoy. While sticking with a Southwest flavor to it, the menu has enough variation to please everyone. If you like barbeque, you will love Jackalope. They have an entire portion of the menu dedicated to barbeque and after you taste it you might just be asking why they serve anything else. They offer up ribs, chicken, tri-tip and pork shoulder all with a barbeque sauce that is well is right on with the combination of flavors. Those are all good, but you must certainly go with the ribs. I’m not sure how long they cook them or what they do to them, but these falling off the bone, succulent ribs will make you never want to have a rib anywhere else. The ribs also come with an assortment of three sauces that vary in heat and flavor, so no matter what you are in the mood for you will get it at Jackalope.

A mammoth club sandwich

If for some odd reason you don’t want ribs, well you have plenty of choices. If you are coming in for lunch the taco plate is a great choice, with three big tacos that you can choose from; pork, carne asada, chicken and rock shrimp. They also serve pizza and a wide assortment of sandwiches. Moving onto to dinner, Jackalope puts out a little more of a high end menu if that is what your heart desires. You can find an assortment of fish dishes along with rip chops, pork chops and a variety of steaks, including the natural buffalo bison rib steak. How often do you see that on a menu?

A great way to start off your meal, or actually it could be a meal all by itself, is with the spicy tortilla soup. I found this different than most tortilla soups, you enjoy the richness and flavor, it is more of a creamy soup that really just stands on the flavor alone.

The backyard bar

I have to mention the drink menu that is filled with an assortment of tequilas that are included in a number of original margaritas, perfect on a hot day in Indio. If you just want to have a good time at the outside bar, enjoy the huge variety of beers or mixed drinks, just a fabulous place for food, drink and fun.

If you are looking for a restaurant to hold any type of family event that is sure to provide a great time for everyone, the Jackalope Ranch is one that will turn this destination into a ritual after your first visit.

Molten Chocolate Cake

For more information on the Jackalope Ranch, visit: www.thejackaloperanch.com

For more information on the other restaurants in the Kaiser Restaurant Group, visit: www.restaurantsofpalmsprings.com


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