In the Mood for Le Mode (Le Dome)

As residents of the City of Angels, the land of entertainment and all things 'Hollywood,' we know that all classics eventually make a comeback! What was surprising to learn was that this rule doesn't only apply to movies, television, music and entertainment, but is also apparently applicable to fine dining. Only in L.A.! 

Lobster Plate

Le Dome first opened in the late 70's and boasted patrons including Michael Ovitz, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Richard Gere. Many deals were signed there, and the affluent were used to having their own specially selected tables in the establishment. Well, over the course of the 90's, Le Dome began to lose it's luster, and rather than sit back and wither and slowly die off like so many things in this town, management decided to close down much earlier this year for a multi-million-dollar facelift.

Well, Le Dome is back, and I had the honor to be among the first to experience the magnificent work that has gone into this place over the past 10 months, and let me tell you…it was all well worth the wait. Not only has the beautiful and comfortable Neo-Tuscan garden villa ambience been preserved with an upgraded fireplace dining room and staple circle-bar, but the quality of the food has been upped a notch as well.

The new Le Dome has brought in famed master chef and Paris' Le Cordon Bleu culinary school alumni Sam Marvin,

Chef Sam Marvin

formerly of Modada in Beverly Hills, and most recently Piero's, one of Las Vegas' top restaraunts. 

Pasta Cavier Plate

The evening I dined, their New European-American menu included a delightfully delicious pate, an appetizer consisting of sornichons, frisse, hazelnuts, and house pickled cauliflower. Two thumbs up to the variety of aspics flavors, including vintage port, black pepper-apple, licorise-anise, salty beef, green grape, and toasted brioche. Though the lentil based 'beluga lentil' proved a tasty treat, I preferred the 'amber ray', a fishy fine dish made up of haricot vert, toasted walnuts, cassis mustard, enokitake mushrooms, Vidalia onions, and soft gorgonzola.

Tartar Plate

A close contender was the slow cooked milk-fed veal chop, a palatable dish made up of charred baby carrots, prune-potato galette, and thyme oil. It was definetly difficult to decide between all of them, but I eventually settled on the 'amber ray.'

Beef Plate

For dessert we were served a larger-than-what-I'm-used-to 'harlequin soufflé,' flavored with a homemade chantilly cr'me and sauce grand marnier. This, mixed with the 3 fresh raspberry mojitos, a cherry martini fitted with a chocolate covered cherry, and the remarkable service, made for a wonderful visit that will guarantee me a return trip. Le Dome is back, truly 'Le Mode', better than ever, and needless to say, I'm all over it!

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