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It is rare to find a restaurant that can keep your entire family entertained, while combining an upscale ambience with a fun atmosphere and also providing a menu that will make you jump up and cheer as much as seeing your team score a winning touchdown on one of the hundred or so televisions that are on the walls, but somehow the ESPN Zone has managed all of that and more. The ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney has taken the sports bar theme and turned it into a sports “fantasyland.”

The view from Downtown Disney

The ESPN Zone does an amazing job of catering to every type of group or person that walks through its doors. From two upscale bars, to a great dining room, and if you are one of those die-hard sports fans that wants to hang out for the entire day watching football, the ESPN Zone offers a number of plush recliners right in front of an amazing 16x9 foot screen that is surrounded by a Las Vegas looking set, that has several smaller televisions and live up-to-the minute scoreboard updates. If you love sports, this is going to be like heaven for you.

The amazing viewing room

The upstairs at the ESPN Zone is sure to keep kids and adults busy with the amazing assortment of games that they offer to you. They have taken gaming to a whole new level over your everyday arcade, as they offer a wide variety of interactive games that are all one-of-a-kind. They offer two different basketball shooting games, including one that has regulation height baskets, they have a great football passing game, shooting games and an assortment of racing games and you can see what your fastball clocks at in the Power Pitcher game. You could spend all day upstairs and never get bored. Don’t worry about missing out on the games, there are televisions everywhere upstairs and there is also a bar that will take care of your adult beverage needs, and also has an ICEE machine for the kids.

Upstairs fun in the game zone

The ESPN Zone is great for a family outing and it allows you to take a break from a long day at Disneyland. The ESPN Zone is so much more thought, as they also have a number of options for private parties and corporate events. The great thing about ESPN Zone is that it does not matter what size of a group you have, you can buy out the entire restaurant for 1,200 people or you can rent out an assortment of rooms, ranging from eight-to-ten people in the private skybox or anywhere from 50-to-400 people in the various areas of the restaurant.

Perfectly prepared salmon

The menu at ESPN Zone is what puts it on the same level as the other fine dining restaurants in Downtown Disney, and it is also what separates it from your typical sports bar. While the menu offers some amazing appetizers, including a few that contain tortilla chips that they fry fish everyday from fresh brought in tortillas, it is there main dishes that will really shock your taste buds. The salmon is on same level as any five-star restaurant that you will eat at. It is just cooked and seasoned to perfection and combined perfectly with mashed potatoes that are filled with cheese and bacon and sauteed green beans on the side, just an amazine entree. Whether it is ribs that are falling off the bone, steaks or some original flavored burgers, you are going to find a gourmet feel throught the ESPN Zone menu. One of the best aspects about the menu is it really is your own menu. The ESPN Zone does an amazing job of taking care of special requests, if you want a healthier option, they will substitute and if you want something prepared slightly different, if there is any possible way they can do it, they will, just ask.

The tantalizing chocolate chip cookie sundae


ESPN Zone is always putting on great events as well, from hosting the Big West Mascot Mayhem, to having the San Diego Charger cheerleaders in for a calendar signing, your occasional athlete and they also have a stage set up inside the dining area so you just might to get to see a live show, such as ABC 7 Sports Zone.

Have a martini or two

ESPN Zone also has its own club, which is private and has its perks, but anyone can join. Once a member in the MVP Club, you can get priority seating, which is very important for some of the big games that are coming up this fall and you are the first to hear about special offers, discounts and events. ESPN Zone also works with the Walt Disney Travel Company to give visitors some special deals when they are on vacation at Disneyland so make sure to keep that in mind.

Mascot Mayehm

Whether you are on vacation at Disneyland, you just want to take the kids some place for a fun-filled day or you want to hang out with some friends and catch the game, the ESPN Zone is the place go. And don’t forget to visit the ESPN store on your way out to grab a great memento of your visit

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