Best Little Bar in Burbank

You've had drinks at The Standard, Miyagi's, and Red Rock.  You've been down Ventura Boulevard as many times as you've cruised Sunset.  You've been made to feel like a tourist, a Hollywood star, and an outcast -- often in the same night.

You've been overpaying for drinks.  And parking.

What you're missing is Grady's, a one-room bar with a sprinkling of Hollywood types, where you can play pool, listen to music, and drink all day without diving too far into your wallet.  It's casual, but not to a fault, and extremely unpretentious.  The cluster of locals who flock there week after week will welcome you rather than snub you, in a way that will make you rethink your idea of typical Los Angeles behavior.

Located at Magnolia and Pass, Grady's boasts it is "the best little bar in Burbank."   Order a Long Island and you'll be inclined to agree.  You'll only need one.

The room is well lit and the decor is a random scattering of artifacts.  TV screens bookend the bar and show sporting events or the evening news.

Although largely unknown, a typical Friday can be standing room only.  Stone Temple Pilots will play on the jukebox and your drinks will cost less than parking at the erstwhile Dublins.  Long time bartender "Sir William" will make you feel at home even when the guy you're bumping elbows with is the drummer from Rush.

Grady's is located at 4108 W. Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank.  Parking is free.

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