1313 Main - Bringing an Extraordinary Culinary Experience to Downtown Napa

The interior of 1313 Main! Courtesy Photo

Located in the heart of downtown Napa lies an extraordinary culinary experience, 1313 Main. Giving you the freshest ingredients and is the creme de la creme of innovative yet distinctive dining.
1313 Main has been in existence for three years and is known as a tasting wine room. Recently the fine establishment has expanded into offering a full kitchen with 5-star quality without the 5-star hefty price tag.
"1313 Main is obtainable luxury, states Jordan Nova who is 1313 Main's Advanced Sommelier and Restaurant Director. My motto has always been 'keep it sexy', and that's what we strive to do here at 1313 Main."
As of last month 1313 Main has opened up their Sunday Brunch. Offering dim sum style offerings brought by table side or an array of decadent meals for you to indulge and enjoy. 

Light Bites Brought to You Table Side. Photo Credit: Meagan Sargent

One thing that also serves as the perfect addition to your brunch is their take on a 'brunch staple' - the infamous bloody mary. 1313 Main not only press the tomatoes so there is less pulp they also let them soak so they taste very fresh and not like canned tomato juice. If that wasn't enough, you can also add up to 20 additional garnishes such as: lemon juice, lime juice, cholula, tapatio, tobacco, worcestershire sauce, sriracha, truffle habanero, banana pepper, blue cheese olive, fresh horseradish, meat straw, shrimp cocktail, beef jerky, old bay pickle, candied jalepeno, pickled egg, fried oyster, raw oyster, candied bacon, and a bacon-wrapped date. 1313 Main also serves mimosas. You can go with an original, pomegranate, or passionfruit mimosa or choose to have apple-milk punch, or a tieton cider works to spice up your brunch. 

Courtesy Photo

Regardless of the price you pay every drink is served table side and brought out on a silver platter. They even go as far as to have glasses flown in from Austria. 
"Guests will receive a white rose for birthdays or red for anniversary. We even give truffles with your check and offer to call you a black car, says Nova. That just doesn't happen at a wine bar."
Going the extra mile 1313 Main pays attention to detail and upon first glance you will notice. From waiters carrying trays on their fingertips, hand delivering roses for special occasions to personalized greetings, 1313 Main is sure to win anyone over and add that perfect setting whether it is the start or end of your day.

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