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Xanadu:Newly arrives on earth, the muses come out of the painting

Most of us remember the fun movie Xanadu with Olivia Newton John or the play, which opened on Broadway in 2007.    Now Doma Theatre brings the magic back to life as the muses come down from Mt. Olympus to inspire an artist. 


Xanadu: Kira encourages the muses to help Sonny

KIra aka Clio, the head muse (Lovlee Carroll) leads her sisters and brothers Veronica Scheyving, Brittany Rodin, Bradley Sattler, Taji Coleman, Lindsay Zana, and Alan Lee as they step out of the mural  on Venice Beach created by Sonny (Matt O'Neill.) They're greeted by skaters Allyson Blackstone and Morgan Gallant.


Finding the dejected Sonny, a frustrated street artist, Clio, adopting an Aussie accent, convinces him that he needs to do something more with his talent and together they find the run down theatre owned by Danny Maguire (David Michael Trevino.)  With some difficulty, Kia reminds him of long ago when the muse had visited him and convinces him to give Sonny a chance. 


The trouble is  the muse is not allowed to create on her own and not allowed to love a mortal.  Things that Kira, with the curse of her two evil sisters Calliope and Thalia), falls into.  Going up to be punished by Zeus, she finds that Sonny has followed her and all ends happily ever after. 


Xanadu: Zeus threatens punishment

With some of the original songs as I’m Alive, Suddenly, All Over the World Strange Magic, and Xanadu, Doma added some additional ones that mixed well and flowed with the story.  Both the singing, skating, and dancing were marvelous and many of the audience clapped to the various songs. 


While the play is not an exact duplicate of the original story, the play incorporates many aspects and also parodies the movie.  It's still a hilarious roller skating musical phenomenon about following your dreams and believing in magic. 


Xanadu: Sonny and Kira admit their love

Produced by Mike Abramson and Dolf Ramos and Executive Produced by Marco Gomez, Xanadu is directed by Hallie Baran and choreographed by Angela Todaro with musical direction by Chris Raymond.  I just loved the costumes created by Michael Mullen.  Not only did the brilliant colors enliven the set, (designed by Amanda Lawson), but brought joy to the accompanied music.  Keyboard was Emily Cohn, Guitar was Molly Miller, Bass was Anna Stadlman, and Drums was Anjilla Piazza.


Xanadu: Sonny looks for his muse

Doma prides itself on finding young talent, as well as seasoned performers.  Thoroughly enjoyable, as all the Doma plays this season have been, Xanadu should lift your spirits and have you singing on the way out.  What is Xanadu?  It's bright, colorful, and insane with unique characters and even a ride on Pegasus.  As Calliope says in the end, Xanadu is "like children's theatre for 40 year old gay people."


The only problems were the air conditioning in the theatre did not work as well as it should have.   


Xanadu runs Friday and Saturday nights at 8 pm and Sundays at 3 pm  from Sept 7- Oct. 7.  Tickets range from the basic price of $30 to the VIP price of $34.99 with seniors and students paying $20.   Parking is available at Earl Scheib at 5416 Santa Monica for only $5.  To purchase tickets or for more information, go top www.DomaTheatre.com or 323 802 4990. 


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