Theatre Review: Girls Talk - Mommyhood or career?

Every woman faces this dilemma.   Can you have both a fulfilling career and a be a good mother at the same time?  In the world premiere of Girls Talk, starring Brooke Shields, Constance Zimmer, Andrea Benderwald, Eileen Galindo and Nicole Paggi, explores this quandary.  Written and directed by Roger Kumble, produced by Roger, Molly O’Keefe and David Elzer, this laugh out loud play speaks to the heart of every female and her male partners, as well.   

Roger has set his sights on the Brentwood status climbing mommies as Lori (Brooke Shields) a writer who has taken a leave of absence to be a mommy is presented by her former writing partner Claire (Constance Zimmer) with a deal that she simply cannot refuse.  Yet the mommy maven of Lori’s daughter’s preschool, Jane (Andrea Bendewald) makes it clear that if Lori takes this new opportunity, she will be forever damaging her daughter’s career in school.  Meanwhile Scarlett (Nicole Paggi), playing the dumb blonde perfectly, in costumes designed by Ann Closs Farley, struggles to fit in with the higher echelon of mommies.  Lori struggles with her indecision – career or her child’s potential future – and finally does her best to have it both. 

Andrea Bendewald has appeared in numerous shows as “ Without A Trace,” and “Two and A Half Men,” while Nicole Paggi appears as “ Providence, Hope and Faith, and One on One.” Constance Zimmer will soon be seen as lead in the Mark Wahlberg show “ Homegame” appearing later this year as well as other shows as “Will and Grace.”   

Theatre Review: Girl's Talk

The dramady includes such power plays known to many mommies as nanny poaching, elitist book clubs, and horrors or horror, pre-school applications, but it really deals with crucial issues for today’s woman. Brooke, herself, not long ago, had to struggle with the exact issue of Mommyhood versus a career and it looks like she has managed to make an excellent go of both venues.  An accomplished actress, Ms. Shields was nominated for the Golden Globe award for her own comedy hit “ Suddenly Susan” and is the author of the NY Times bestseller, “ Down Came the Rain: My Journey Through Postpartum Depression” as well as several children’s books. 

Playing the Hispanic maid Zuza (Eileen Galindo) plays a perfect part.  Bonnie Zane certainly knew the right actresses to cast.  Ms. Galindo is especially know for her role on the Emmy winning series “ Dora, the Explorer” and on the Disney series, “ Phineas and Ferb.”

The biting and hilarious dialogue rings true and opens us up to the world of Mommy and will be enjoyed by both Hollywood’s boys and girls, many of whom will see themselves or their partners in this role. 

Stage Mangers Patricia Sutherland and Shaunessey Quinn, were ably assisted by set and sound designer, Tom Buderwtiz and Doug Newell and lighting, Christie Wright Gilmore. 

Opening night at the Lee Strasberg Theatre was packed as I expect the other nights of the play (until April 24th) will be, as well.  Tickets are $34 for all performances, which are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm and Sundays at 7 pm.  For tickets call 800 595 4849.  

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