Theatre/Dinner Review - Romeo and Juliet Love's Battlefield Opens At The Prospect Dinner Theatre



Photo by Prospect Theatre

Celebrating its grand opening, Prospect Dinner Theatre reopened this weekend with a revamped Romeo and Juliet: Love Is A Battlefield Vol. 2.  This sexy, provocative rock musical was created by Bradley Bredeweg  and assisted by Kelley Parker, with new choreography by Chris Downey and Sara Ann Fahey. 


The songs - many from favorite pop stars as Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince, of which we are familiar with - including "Beat It", "What's Love Got To Do With It?" "Let's Go Crazy," "Love is a Battlefield" - flowed naturally as it told the story we are all familiar with.   Some of the audience even tapped their feet to the fun songs.  Like the Leonard DiCaprio 1996 version of the famed romance, where they spoke the Shakespearian words yet played a modern gang, this, too, had a similar setup.


Ashley Argota and Alex Nee - Romeo and Juliet - Photo by Prospect Theatre

The chemistry between the actors Ashley Argota (Juliet) and Alex Nee (Romeo) could be felt and you really felt there was affection between them.  The others -Chris Chatman (Mercutio), A.J. Mendoza (Tybalt), Jordan  Kai Burnett (Benvolia), Brett McMahon (Paris), Kyra Selman (Mother Montague), Julie Garnye (Mother Montague), Peter Allen Vogt (Father Capulet), Nicci Claspell (Nurse), Jameson Moss (Friar)  -were also excellent. (Understudies are Bianca Gisselle, Emily Morris, Zach Ford, Mike Viruet, and Caitlin Ary.)


Romeo and Juliet - Photo Prospect Theatre

Live music was directed by Brad Hooks, with Mark Concuan on the drums, Sari Mellafe on guitar, Elmo Zapp on bass and Max Mueller on cello.  While the costume was done by Misha Reeves, lighting by Justin Preston, and  Nicole Reddinger did the fight choreographing.


The cast - Romeo and Juliet - Prospect Theatre

Since performed around the whole theatre, try to sit near the center.  I was seated off to a side and had to change chairs to see the actors on the balcony above me.  And at times, I had trouble seeing the action taking place in the center of the room.  But all in all, the play and acting is a definite yes.


Deviled eggs - Photo from Prospect Theatre

Executive Chief Kyle Schutte,  winner of  the Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen (2014) prepares innovative dishes based on classic cuisine.  Besides an extensive wine bar, the menu includes a variety of small plates - meat and cheese boards, salads, calamari, deviled eggs (varying in price from $7-22), entrees from citrus based fried chicken, wild-caught pacific snapper, steak frites, burgers, and Creekstone beef tenderloin (varying from $14 to 45) and topping off with Tempura-Fried Bread Pudding, Coffee Custard and Buttermilk Panna Cotta ($9.)  There is a two item (food and/or beverage) minimum per guest.  If you do not order, a courtesy $30 will be added to your bill.


Pork shoulder - Photo Prospect Theatre

The artistic producer, Joey Bybee, said, “I want to bring the quintessential ‘night on the town’ back to Hollywood.” He plans for future entertainment as jazz nights, big band quartets, immersive theatre, burlesque and cabaret-style performances.

The cast - Romeo and Juliet - Prospect Theatre

Tickets are now on sale for $39 regular admission and $59 VIP. Ticket holders with VIP receive a complimentary glass of champagne and dessert. The play runs until August 20, 2016. For more information follow Prospect Theatre on Instagram, or Facebook.





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