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The Los Angeles Ballet Review - Performs Quartet at Royce Hall UCLA

By Rose Moreau

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The Los Angeles Ballet performed "Quartet", a program of four pieces, on March 22, 2014 at Royce Hall (UCLA).


Amid a casual setting with pallid blue hues, one feels as if one is walking into a twisted daydream. Two earnest dancers engage a docile woman into an eternal hour of cold unsatisfying dreams. "Return to a Strange Land" was created by Kyliandebuted in 1975. The piece depicts the wanderer who returns home but does not recognize it. The music is adapted from JanácekModern dance merges with the structure of classical ballet with poses so ethereal but flawless it is like watching frail ghosts.




The next two parts are new works. "Beneath One's Dignity", choreographer Sonya Tayeh, music by Valgeir Sigurosson swells with sensuality, a nocturnal separation, and an understated homage to traditional ballet. 


A study of stick figured humans suffering from a faint amnesia, objectifying the female like a virginal sacrifice, the audience silently anticipates the next subliminal note of lost grace. Languor's cello exhibits a beautiful strength. The dancers are sultry in a powerful and lost way.




"Cipher", choreographer Crisopher Stowell, music by Noah Agruss. Here is where Christopher McDaniel makes his presence felt. Allowing his internal strength to show through his character. An exquisite form that merged harmoniously with the dancers.


Finally the classic "Stars and Stripes" choreographer Balanchine, music H. Kay adapted from John Philip Sousa. With their upbeat notes the mood brightened and lifted. Here we find the entire troupe fully resplendent, echoing a vivid collective sweetness. The piece was so fitting, just arriving in early Spring.


The Los Angeles Ballet shows an admirable willingness to performing challenging and extraordinary diverse works with candid patriotic pride.



THE DANCERS: Bianca BulleAllyssaBross, Alexander Castillo, Julia Cinquemani,  Molly Flippen, Zachary Guthier, KateHighstrete,  Chelsea Page Johnston,  ZhengHua Li,  Christopher McDaniel,  RobertMulveyAllynne Noelle, Christopher Revels,Chlo  Sherman, Kenta Shimizu, MayimStiller, Erik Thordal-Christensen, Dustin True ... and more for the final scene: McKenzie Furman, Ariel Hagerty, Mia Katz, Isabel Montague, Sarah Morgan, Caroline Siler, Helena Thordal-Christensen.



For more information visit The Los Angeles Ballet

Published on Mar 28, 2014

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