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It's tough to always keep true to yourself and always give 100% in all you do, well that is the exact mantra from the eccentric band, The Hunna. Recently the quartet played a live show at The Roxy in Los Angeles and gave locals a taste of who they are as they released their debut album, 100.
The iconic Sunset Strip is no stranger to the many acts that have performed at the various venues. Playing in a space located off of the strip is not only iconic, it's a moment to play on the same stage as some of our founding fathers in the rock industry. Many performers such as: The Ramones, Bob Marley, Jane's Addiction and more have graced the stage. So it's safe to say attending a show at The Roxy not only gives listeners a feeling of nostalgia but it also is one of the top venues mainly because of the layout, listeners will always have an 'up close and personal' experience at The Roxy.
Signed to 300 Entertainment, The Hunna's debut album, 100, displays their talent and message to listeners loud and clear. Although the band is newly discovered, they have had a whirlwind of a year. Besides this show the band has been placed on Alt Nation Advanced Placement Tour and even shared stages with Jimmy Eat World and Good Charlotte. Needless to say there hasn't been a shortage of excitement.
This particular show at The Roxy, The Hunna shared the stage with Jimmy Eat World. Although it was a rainy evening, this did not deter fans from showing their support. Both bands delivered separate messages but their was an underlying cohesiveness and chemistry just felt right. "I'd say that our chemistry as a band and as friends is important to us", shared Jermaine Angin. "People come to shows not only for the music but to see the band in the flesh and to feel the energy. We believe in leaving nothing on stage, it's a moment where we let go of and release everything."
For me, the main song that put The Hunna on the map is You and Me. Although the lyricism may seem simple, the complexity of the song is resonating with the listeners and I can assure that 9 times out of 10 this song has made people reflect on a certain time in their life. "Well the hunna tree is a place that we use to chill and smoke at with our friends back home," explains Angin. "Coming together with people that love and appreciate you for who you are. It's a song for our fans, we're not just a band we're a family too."
Although the date for another album hasn't been set, Angin amps up the excitement for fans to wait for what's next. "We still need to give this album time to breath and for people to digest it," Angin states. "There's a few artists that have reached out but nothing confirmed yet, will have to wait and see."
Whether its quirky and being addicted to slush puppies like Tino or simply 'not thinking too much and feeling,' my heart is saying that everything is sure to work out for them!

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