The Giver - La Mirada Theatre Presents the Stage Adaptation of the Amazing Book

The highly acclaimed book "The Giver" is being brought to the stage at the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts for one day only. The long running theatre group Phantom Projects has been showcasing the talents of teens for twenty years and "The Giver" should be another in the long line of hits for the company when it comes to the stage on February 16th.

"The Giver" is the story of a society that is devoid of feeling anything, happiness, sadness, joy, love; they simply exist, other than the Giver. The Giver holds all of the memories and feelings for the entire community and the time has come for him to pass all of those memories to 12 year old Jonas. "The Giver" offers three entirely different viewpoints. The Giver who has held the burden of carrying all of the memories for years, Jonas who has his world completely turned upside down and everyone else, who literally lives in a gray and emotionless world.

"This two act version is a little longer than the first time we did it and we increased the ensemble size. So much of the story of "The Giver" is about community and we really wanted to stand out with the bigger cast," Phantom Projects founder Steve Cisneros said.

The Phantom Projects is a youth group, but as Steve said, "Once you are involved with the Phantom Projects you never leave."

The Phantom Projects performs at schools and has the two early performances at the La Mirada Theatre for field trips, but the 7 p.m. performance is open to everyone. This will allow guests to see what this long running group is all about and with a performance like "The Giver" you will get to see three 12 year olds taking on the leading roles.

"Kids are connected to the book so strongly. They see having all the negative removed from life doesn't sound so bad, but then you also don't have the other side of life either," Steve said. "With our performances they see a 12 year old come out in a leading role and they are immediately connected."

The combination of an unparalleled and unique youth program and an insightful and timely book that will make you think combine to make this a performance you can’t miss.

For ticket information visit: La Mirada Theatre 

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