The Boomerang Effect Review - What Goes Around Comes Around…So Make Sure You Duck!

Written by Matthew Leavitt and directed by Dámaso Rodriguez, The Boomerang Effect looks into the sex lives of five separate couples each in different bedroom scenarios. The play takes place at the Odyssey Theatre - Theatre 3.


It begins with Paul (Luke McClure) and Stephanie (Kim Hamilton). It’s Paul’s birthday and Stephanie is giving Paul his “birthday present.” Much to the annoyance of his girlfriend, he’s slightly distracted by birthday texts. This sets off a huge argument leaving Paul wondering what it is that’s really bothering his girlfriend. Needless to say it’s not the text messages.

 In the second scene we have Renee (Tiffany Lonsdale) and Andrew (Adam Kitchen). They are just getting in from a night on the town and plan on continuing the evening in the bedroom only Renee keeps talking. The problem isn’t so much that she’s talking but rather the subject matter.

 David (Jonathan Slavin) and Nick (Emerson Collins) are a married couple that has hit somewhat of a rough patch. David has been out of a job for a while and Nick feels that he’s spending all of his time playing Words with Friends against his arch nemesis, Ian Chang, instead of looking for work. It’s apparent that Nick isn’t okay with this situation through his lack of interest in David in the bedroom. He even takes a moment to see what the big deal is with Ian Chang and Words with Friends, setting off a whole new whirlwind of problems the couple didn’t see coming.


Alexander (Charles Howerton) and Julie (Kat Bailess) are not actually a couple. Alexander, an older gentleman with heart problems, is Julie’s boss. Julie is new to the company and is on her first business trip with Alexander. When she is called to his hotel room he propositions her for sex to get a promotion. When she refuses he says that she will be fired, leaving Julie in one crazy predicament.


The last couple, Janetta (Liza de Weerd) and Marcus (Joel Bryant), are coworkers who end up having a drunken one night stand. Janetta is already foreseeing their perfect relationship. Marcus, however, has other plans.


The whole telling of the play as it goes through each couple and then turns back to wrap up each of their stories gives off the intended boomerang feel. Though each of the five couples are indeed completely separate stories, they are all tied together through the relationships the characters have with each other (Janetta and Julie are sisters, Alexander is David’s father, etc.) as well as certain objects on the set (such as the blue covered cell phone). 


The Boomerang Effect is a laugh out loud comedy that jokes about what are usually considered very real and sometimes serious situations making even this girl take a second and wonder, “Wait…is it okay to laugh at this...?” as well as realize just how much technology plays a role in our relationships, and what is best said by Janetta, "Every decision we make becomes just another link in this endless chain of well-intentioned disasters we call life." Definitely a must see!  


The Boomerang Effect opened March 24th and runs until April 29, 2012


The Odyssey Theatre

Thursday-Saturday at 8pm

Sundays at 2pm

2055 S. Sepulveda Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90025

The Odyssey Theatre

Tickets: $20-$30

 Photos: Ed Krieger

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