Sons of The Prophet Review - Is This A Comedy?


Sons of the Prophet - Tamara Zook and Adam Silver - photo by Anne McGrath

The Blank Theatre presents Stephen Karam’s new Pulitzer finalist play, Sons Of The Prophet.  Produced by Sarah Allyn Bauer, Daniel Henning and Noah Wyle, the show is directed by Michael Matthews.   Staring Adam Silver as Joseph,  Tamara Zook as his boss Gloria, Braxton Molinaro as Joseph’s brother Charles, and Jack Laufer as their Uncle Bill, it also included Erik Odom as Timothy, Mychal Thompson as Vin and Ellen Karsten and Irene Roseen as Female #1 and #2. 

Using Kahil Gibran’s The Prophet as a structural guideline, the play, who’s theme is human suffering, relies heavily on Lebanese history, culture and religious aspects with numerous Christian quotes as well as quotes from the book. 


Sons of the Prophet - Erik Odom with Adam Silver - photo by Anne McGrath

The hero, Joseph, a descendant of the Prophet’s author, is being put upon by his boss to write a book about his heritage, and must cope with wounds that will not heal – both physically and mentally.   

A bit long, and at times tedious (for me,) it had a lot of expository narrative and character’s back story that did not seem necessary for what the story was trying to say. There were a few actual comedic moments, but for the most part I wasn’t sure if the audience laughter was delayed because of discomfort or if they really thought events and scenes were funny. 


Sons of the Prophet - Mychal Thompson, Braxton Molinaro, Adam Silver, Jack Laufer - photo by Anne McGrath

Part of the play, which seemed to have nothing to do with Gibran’s book or with human suffering, dealt with the hero’s sexual identity and his desire for romance. 

Lighting design was by Luke Moyer, costume by Allison Dillard, and sound by Cricket S Myers.   The stage manager is Marcedes L. ClantonMichael O’Hara designed the property and Rachel Watson did the set design.  Ken Werther did publicity.  

While it is not on my preferred list, the play seemed well received by the audience.  I had higher expectations for a Pulitzer finalist.  The acting, however, was excellent and the stage setting was equally professional.  


Sons of the Prophet - Tamara Zook and Braxton Molinaro - Photo by Anne McGrath

Tickets run $30 and the play runs until March 15, 2015.  Performances are Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m., and Sunday at 2 p.m.  For reservations call 323 661 9827 or go to The Blank Theatre.

There is paid parking across the street at the Hudson lot, but ample street parking.  The theatre is located at 6500 Santa Monica Blvd., in Hollywood





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