Scandinavian Artist Alice Boman - Performs a Special Showcase in The City of Angels

The Scandinavian Songbird, Alice Boman, recently performed at intimate Room 5 Lounge, in the heart of Los Angeles.


Entering the room I found a humble setting. It was Alice and her drummer playing into the early dusk. Her set was only 45 mins, though it was surely pleasing, with her languid notes and melancholy voice...



Her new song "What" from her Debut EP, Skisser, meaning (sketches) in Swedish was released on Swedish label Adrian Recordings. The lyrics: "What do you see when you look at me?" "It's not all what it seems" brings me back to ethereal sketches of Lewis Carroll's "Through the looking glass" Encompassing the youthful magic and reality that everything in time will pass and change except for our enigmatic spirits.



Her music feels timeless, a two-piece consisting of haunting vocals, keyboard and backup vocals by her drummer, who plays timidly on a classic style drum kit. A sweet-tempered melodic day-dream. You enter her simple lyrics that emanate a depth of romantic longing that we can identify with. Her Nordic style of English is universally clear. Her supple voice is like that of a young girl waiting for the lover she had never met, while there's a true sense that all her yearning will be answered in time.



It's like an Emily Dickinson poem was sung in front of you, though the words are different, the inner poetry of the heart is realized and you can't help but to listen. Her soul is reflecting along with her magnifying light. She is someone to listen to through headphones while walking through rustic nature alone. Although she uses many minor chords, it still presents a budding of musical balance.

The energy of her songs engage us in crestfallen sound magic, though there is a feeling of transformational emotions and divine hope. Her delicate songs are like that of a deft time-lapse though simply using graceful notes.


Listen to my favourite song "Waiting" 

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