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  It has been only a year since Sade’s new single  “Soldier Of Love” hit the music scene and caused a stir among fans worldwide.

 The band’s soulful music featuring elements of R&B, jazz and soft rock, is named after their British Nigerian lead vocalist, Sade Adu. The band, consisting of Stuart Matthewman, and Paul Spencer Denman and Andrew Hale and Paul A. Cook debuted with the album “ Diamond Life” in 1984 , selling more than 50 million units worldwide to this date. It is ranked at #50 on VH1's list of the 100 greatest artists of all time.

 So it seems appropriate that Sade would start her concert with “ Soldier Of Love” on Sunday here in LA. at Staples Center after starting her global tour in Northern Europe, and performing in selective cities on the East and West coast in the U.S.

 After John Legend’s charming opening act performing some of his R&B hits, Adu introduces the evening with a few words from the heart: “ We love you L.A. I know a lot of performers say that but we actually mean it.

I know this has been a long time coming and we’re going to do it tonight, right here.” And so it was: With Sophie Muller as creative director and Baz Halpin as a production and lighting designer the concert proved to be every bit of exciting as described in Billboard Magazine.

The performance extremely tight and in harmony with the lighting and projections really brings the focus back on what has been the debate of many philosophers of art, musicians, composers and linguists: the magic of music.

Sade covers it all with the help of her band members: poetry, emotions, thoughts, impressions, philosophy, sex and Politics, engaging the audience from beginning till end. She carries herself effortless with such poise and grace one wonders if she has been a Pharaoh princess in a former life. Her sultry voice still sets herself apart and is to this day in contrast with many current Jazz or R&B divas .

With a huge range and ever so clear voice, belting out tunes like “ Your Love is King’ and hitting high notes in “The Sweetest Taboo” there is no question how the audience has longed to hear and embrace this muse back into their lives.

 Impressive also the projections and beautifully shot videos on a jumbo LED screen, showing Sade lounging in a meadow during “Kiss of Life” or dancing with a chiseled partner during” Love Is Found”. The audience’s favorite “ Smooth Operator” brings the crowd on their feet and projections of NYC’s skyline make the number seem bigger and more upbeat than usual.

The most powerful moment: Sade singing “Hallelujah” in a beautiful white

flowy gown with the sun rising and setting behind her proving that stillness and the high quality of a singing voice can be more dazzling than any wild choreography, costumes and crazy synthesizers. 

The production seems perfectly thought through and flows with the beat and the band itself seems perfectly in harmony with each other.

It is interesting to see how magic happens on stage when all elements fall into place. Gorgeous also the red curtains and the red strobe lights during “ Is It A Crime”.

The concert ends with the song” By Your Side” as if to remind the audience that their muse will always remain close. She also introduces her band members and gives an insight to her relationship with each individual, adding a very personal touch to the finish.

After a long applause and endless “Bravo” screams Sade performs “ Cherish The Day” as an Encore.

As the muse disappears and the stage turns dark, the audience makes their way to the Exit signs and onto the streets of downtown.

One can feel the exhilaration and still hear people hum the melodies for many blocks away.











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