Rubee Jewel's Hot Spots for Grown Ups


Lets talk about hotspots.
I'll start by getting the definition correct..

Hotspot: The place thats happening, The place were everyone goes,
The place where you know you will have a good time.
Moving on to why the hotspot is important?
One reason being if you have ever been to a place you didnt like.
It sucks and half the time your there thinking to yourself . I could of stayed at home for this.

The hotspot is everyone's favorite place. Its were you know you will  be satisfied . You know what to expect.
Its the place you are sure to get everything you want for the night.Good  music,good food & the best drinks.
Oh & dont forget the most important thing about a hotspot."The People".
I dont know about you but Ive been to places were the people there annoy me more than anything else.
I mean have you ever walked in a spot & said."
This is not my crowd"?..The music isnt right, the drinks are watered down, the parking sucks & worst of all everyone
seems younger than me.
There is a name for these types of places. It's called "The Cold Spot".The place you dont want to be.

No need to worry

I am about to give you insight on some of the best places to go to have a good time
I recently moved to LA and one thing LA is known for is its diversity.
Living in this beautiful state I have noticed.There are so many different things to do. There is a variety of some of the best parties,
concerts,events,amusement parks, amazing beaches & one of the things that always tickle me saying.
You can even go sking in the middle of summer by heading up to the mountains.I mean me personally.
Coming from the cold midwest. Im not looking to see any snow anytimesoon. And to know people pay to see it here.
When they can pay cheaper to catch a flight in the dead of winter & experience the mess
first hand.Cracks me up.Lol. However its sill cool to know if i ever miss snow i  know i can go up to he mountain's feel like im home..
Is a comfort. A cold comfort, but comfort none the less.
I recently found a place that I just cannot get enough of.
I myself am a big fan of music & my favorite is rnb, neo-soul, jazz & old school .
I mean I like my hip-hop & will always love my hip-hop. My favorite  music what I really like is what i call music for the grown & sexy.
Now if you like the music I like & your looking for the perfect spot to experience all the above.
RnB live! If you have not heard of it it is a sure thing you will. Sooner than later.
Every week some amazing people grace the stage of this lavish concert venue.
I have been to this place a few times & I cannot say I have ever been disappointed.
On wednsday night some of today’s hottest stars come out. Like Robin Thicke, Tamia, Tyrese, Joe, The DeBarges,
Bobby V, Ray J & Brandi, Eric Benet & even Bobby Brown.
Just to name a few. This place is definite hotspots for some of your favorite athletes, actors & comedians.
You will find some of everything here. They tape live & roll out thru red carpet & giving everyone the opportunity to feel like a star.
Weeknights just got sexy & you should be putting the kids to bed, calling up friends & heading out to the hottest place to be on a Wednesday's.


Rnb Live located 12229 Ventura Blvd Studio City, Ca
You can also go to to check it out live or up coming performances.

So that 's my hotspot for you grown ups.Be sure to stop by & have a great time.

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