Noir Electro Pop Duo no:carrier - on Wisdom & Failure Release and Viper Room Gig

Cover Art Cassidy Bliss Cooper


If you're interested in music that "tells stories about fears for the future, tragic destinies and strong personalities" you should invest some time into listening to German/Californian duo no:carrier. Originally founded in '95 in Germany, the current duo is a long-distance musical affair as well as relationship. With Chris Wirsig living in San Francisco while singer/partner Cynthia Wechselberger, still resides in their home country of Germany. This in part may be the cause of some of those haunting lyrics and melancholy. Check out their music video for 'Last Scene' here:  



The pair are set to kick off a California mini-tour this month, to support new album 'Wisdom & Failure' with only one LA date scheduled on Tuesday 04/29, at The Viper Room (9:30pm). Deciding to venture into somewhat unknown territory musically this time, by skillfully adding acoustic instruments for a more versatile sound. Throughout the twelve songs of 'Wisdom & Failure' you can't help but notice the protagonists keep looking back, to painful memories of past events (as with 'Confession' or 'Alone Now') But why so glum? Songwriter Wirsig simply says, "you look back, you learn from the past, but maybe you also despair of it a little." 


Yet amidst these tragic stories about failure ('The Nine Days,'Queen,' and 'Sunset Castle') there's a lot of wisdom that often arises. Hence the album title, portrayed on the cover  as two girls of the same namesake. Designed in watercolor, by young Californian Artist Cassidy Bliss Cooper. 

In Fall of this year the band will be heading out to Europe.


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