No Exit - Classic Dark Comedy at Oh My Ribs Theatre in Hollywood

Jean Paul Sartre’s 1944 play No Exit is the source of the famous quote, “Hell is other people,” though frequently quoted out of Sartre’s original context.

The play is set in Hell, but rather than the traditional lake of fire with devils and demons, it is a single room in which three characters, Joseph, Inez and Estelle are confined. At first reticent to discuss how they got there, each of the three ultimately gets around to confessing what they did to result in their present predicament.

Carolyn Hennesy (l.), Erica Edd, Rick Friesen, Alan Naggar, Barbara Ann Howard, Kristen Egermeier, Matt Fowler, Austin Musick (Photo credit: Kent Minault)

Inez wants to seduce Estelle. Estelle wants to seduce Joseph (who else is there?). Joseph seems to mostly want to be left alone. It soon becomes evident that they were placed there to make each other miserable, for the rest of eternity.

Erica Edd(l.), Kristin Egermeier, Matt Fowler; Carolyn Hennesy (l.), Austin Musick, Matt Fowler (Photo credit: Kent Minault)

What, however, would happen if they were suddenly presented with a way out of Hell? What would they do then?

The company includes (in alphabetical order) Erica Edd, Kristen Egermeier, Matt Fowler, Rick Friesen, Carolyn Hennesy, Barbara Ann Howard, Austin Musick and Alan Naggar. Some roles are double cast.

Carolyn Hennesy (l.), Austin Musick, Matt Fowler; Kristen Egermeier(l.), Erica Edd, Matt Fowler (Photo credit: Kent Minault)

Kent Minault directs. His previous directing credits include The Iliad Project, Love Mad and Obsessions. He is also an actor and producer.

Jean Paul Sartre (1905-1980) was best known as an existentialist philosopher and public intellectual. He was also a novelist and prolific playwright, with many of his works being adapted for television and feature film. In addition to No Exit, his plays include The Assassin, The Condemned of Altona, Crime Passionnel, The Devil and the Good Lord, Erostratus, The Flies, Kean, Loser Wins, many more.


WHERE: Oh My Ribs Theatre, 6468 Santa Monica Blvd. (at Wilcox), Hollywood, CA 90038.

WHEN: September 17- November 1, 2015. Thurs. and Sat. at 8:00, Sun. at 4:00. Dark on October 1. During October, there will be additional 11:00 p.m. shows on Saturdays.

ADMISSION: $25. Discounts available upon request.

RESERVATIONS: (818) 765-8732.



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