MOSCOW BALLET - Celebrating Their 20th Anniversary Of The Great Russian Nutcracker in Los Angeles

There’s always an age-range for shows, this particular one was a magical fairy tale experience to all ages, especially me. On Friday, December 14th I was introduced to my first ballet show! I felt like a little girl expecting Christmas Night. Was wondering how many smiles are spread all around the world using different languages, culture, traditions, food, music on this very special day, and how we can use the same joyful energy to last all year long. 

Children in the audience were beaming light and smiles through their eyes. Before the show, my guest and I were feeling sad thinking that one of the children from the last horrifying event at the elementary school could have been one of those performers twirling and smiling to the audience.

Back to the show and the joy!

In celebration of their 20th Anniversary Moscow Ballets spreads the beautiful seasonal joy through their festive performance as The Great Russian Nutcracker

The special 20th Anniversary production of Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker in 2012 overflows with a spectacular new "Dove of Peace" where 2 dancers become one stunning bird, inspired by the early works ofStanislov Vlasov, original choreographer and director of Moscow Ballet's inaugural Great Russian Nutcracker. The production also features a Christmas tree that grows to 7 stories tall; falling snow and Troika-styled sleigh escorted by russian folk characters Ded Moroz (Father Christmas) and Snegurochka (Snow Maiden); towering hand-made silk puppets; 200 all new, lavish costumes; and 9 hand-painted backdrops, all set to Pyotr Tchaikovsky's complete Nutcracker Suite score.

For 20 years, Great Russian Nutcracker performances have featured the finest Russian ballerinas and danseurs. From former bolshoi soloist Stanislov Vlasov and partner Lilia Sabitova (People's Artist of Russia) in 1993 to the classic Marina Alexandrova and Vitaly Zabelin in 1996; danseur and upstart choreographerAnatolie Emelianov and Honored Artist of Russia Tatiana Predenia in 2002; Varna IBC Gold Medalists Cristina and Alexei Terentiev in 2006; and award winning partners Karyna Shatkovskaya and Vladimir Tkachenko in 2011. Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker celebrates 20 years of soaring holiday spirit!

During the intermission break I discovered The Wiltern Theatre and its goddess like design details, located at the western edge of Koreatown in Los Angeles at the southeast corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Western Avenue. The Koreatown district is served by both of Los Angeles' major subway lines, the Red Line and thePurple Line; sits directly across from the westernmost station on the Purple Line, Wilshire/Western Station.

Originally the Warner Brothers Western Theater when it first opened in 1931, the Wiltern Theatre reopened as such a few years later. The theater was sold in 1956, and by the late 1970s the building had fallen into disrepair—a local group of historic preservationists saved the building from demolition on two occasions. Following several years of renovations, the theater reopened to the public in 1985. Today, The Wiltern hosts live performances and concerts, as well as televised events and has served as a location for several feature films.

Besides becoming a fan of ballet and a believer of joyful magic shows, I did some research on the Moscow’s Ballet’s Wellness Program for Children to Your Community and found the “Giving Back” aspect behind the twirling joyful show. Close to 3600 children across the US and Canada perform with Moscow Ballet annually, providing guidance in exercise and nutrition to schools throughout the year. Last summer served 6000 children in Tampa, FL. Also keeping the hard work with 13 public schools in San Antonio, TX and continues to sponsor scholarships and training opportunities for children. Charmaine Hunter became a Prima Ballerina at Dance Theatre of Harlem; discovered by Karel Shook of DTH through a training program for the North End Dance Troupe in Hartford, CT sponsored by Moscow Ballet’s Producer Akiva Talmi. For more information contact [email protected].

Keep your joy alive all year long by celebrating The 20th Anniversary of Moscow Ballet’s  The Great Russian Nutcracker Show at The Wiltern Theatre.


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