Mono of Japan in Los Angeles

 The Neo-Classical Japanese instrumental rock band MONO performed Saturday Oct.6th 2012 at the Bootleg theater in Los Angeles.

The band consists of Takaakira Goto (electric guitar, glockenspiel), Hideki Suematsu (electric guitar, glockenspiel), Tamaki Kunishi (bass guitar, electric guitar, piano, glockenspiel), and Yasunori Takada (drum kit, glockenspiel, synthesizer) and was formed in Tokyo in 1999.

Mono has since released five studio albums of which the latest is titled For My Parents.

The band's style of music is influenced by the genres of experimental rock and shoegazing, as well as by both the classical and contemporary classical periods of classical music, and also by noise and minalism. Mono's sound is characterised by the lead and rhythm guitars of Goto and Yoda respectively, both of whom make extensive use of reverb, distortion and delay effects. Their live performance captivated the audience with such intensity, one was amazed by the devotions of the fans listening to this spectacle of playing and in the dynamics.

The newest album For My Parents is one of their greatest works and best selling so far.

Written and arranged with a hopeful, romantic narrative in mind, the songs string together like chapters in an epic love story. The music is naturally majestic, the instrumentation vast, incorporating sounds of glockenspiel, drums, synthesizer, electric- and bass guitar.

 There is an intimacy captured here that is at once beautiful and a little terrifying. The maturity to balance the cinematic drama so masterfully has become MONO’s strongest virtue in this album.

The performance was received with a thunderous applause by the audience.

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