Matisyahu Concert 2012 Review - Schooled In Fun

First off. Hello Splash Readers! I admit that after some prodding over the past few months, I have decided to publish my reviews, and truly hope you will enjoy. A big thank you to Lawrence and Splash for inviting me to join their influential group, and be able to share my thoughts with you.

Interestingly enough, I am kicking things off with a music review, the soundtrack of our life...  rather than glorious food, the soundtrack of our (or should I say “my”) stomach...


Matisyahu - July 16, 2012, Bardot

See this pic? This is what happens when you’re having too much fun.
The when:  Monday night
The where: Bardot in Hollywood
The who:    Ahhh, the most important question...

Do you remember the song “One Day” by a most unexpected rapper?? That’s right, a Hasidic Jew from Queens, New York out in full Hasidic mode with the hat, long hair, crazy beard, and the black & white attire. Well, remember his name MATISYAHU.

It’s School Night on Monday’s at Bardot where the unknown, and the widely known throw down debut performances to an eagerly anticipating party crowd. Third in the lineup is the reggae fusion artist, and the place is jammed packed. (Hear:  reverse record scratch). Mouths drop open.  No longer is Matisyahu some homogeneously blending in with the Shabbat crowd on their way to Saturday temple, in front of us now stands a tall, clean shaven, short-blonde haired hottie! The new image represents an end to his 10 year religious journey, and the beginning of “reclaiming himself” full with musical rebirth. Debuting three songs from his latest album Spark Seeker (available now on iTunes) in his 6 song set, Matisyahu did not disappoint. It was fascinating watching the love, and I do mean love, that both male and female fans alike share for this modern day Bob Marley. A unity of oneness existed while rocking out to great soulful music.  One song in particular stood out as a perfect summer anthem, Like A Warrior, and I have no doubt many will agree unless they contend for Sunshine, also worthy of the spot. From the songs, to his dance skills to diving into the crowd for body surfing, the rapper sensation entertained and charmed.  There was no shortage on fun, and excitement. Need I say more? 

If you missed out, mark your calendars. Matisyahu  is currently on tour, and will be back in Hollywood at the Palladium on September 18. For Splash readers outside of LA, you can check out his website for a full tour schedule. Enjoy!

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