“Is there Sex After Marriage?” at Two Roads Theatre in Studio City Review – A Scandalous Scintillating Dramedy

In this meaningful dramedy, set in Los Angeles, talented playwright Jeff Gould unflinchingly examines relationships between men and woman in their quest for enduring love and sexual fulfillment. Gould has successfully penned and produced three critically acclaimed plays—“Troubled Waters,” “It’s Just Sex,” and, “Is there Sex After Marriage?”.  Although the latter is a riotously funny, laugh-out-loud, bawdy production, it also gives cause to ponder on a deeper message about relationships, love, lust, sexuality, and secret longings and fantasies.



Long-married Roger and Sherry (Jeff Witzke and Angela Oh) often entertain their neighbors and friends, Beth and Zack (Autumn Withers and Joel Berti), and Joe and Mindy (Brad Lee Wind and Melinda Hughes). The scene is simply and pleasantly set in their living room, with the couch taking center stage in all the cleverly executed scene changes. Although all have been married for years, Zack and Beth, still obviously running on over-heat, can’t keep their hands off each other and leave early.

Joe and Mindy ceaselessly spar and bicker verbally. The friends are obviously very comfortable with each other and can speak easily about their sexual relationships and desires, both good and bad—or can they really? The friends wonder what keeps Zack and Beth so hot for each other. As the story unfolds it seems there’s more to it than meets the eye…

Roger’s several attempts to re-kindle their sex life and restore the spark of romance through a “date night” with Sherry is frustrated by her deep involvement and time devoted to Save-the-Planet activism. A fight between them leads to Roger’s proposal that, since sex is a basic human right and part of the nuptial contract, if he’s in a sexless marriage he should be able to get it from someone else. Sherry, capitulating, warns him that the deal works both ways.

One fateful night, Sherry agrees to a “date night” with Roger and suggests they accept a friend’s invitation to what surprisingly transpires to be a swingers’ party! More surprisingly, they encounter some friends there, and after some trepidation, mostly on the part of Sherry, they all end up participating in a kind of sexual “pile-up”—if you can call it that!

So—what’s next, and is that a hard act to follow? And is there sex after marriage? Sure there is, but not necessarily with your spouse! There are many unexpected twists and turns and I don’t want to give the story away. Suffice to say this excellent, sidesplitting production will leave you asking your own questions about fidelity and the dynamics of relationships.

Running slickly for 70 minutes with first rate repartee and acting makes this easy to watch, and ends with one wanting more. Highly recommended on all counts, with kudos to the production team and terrific cast of six actors, who each played a dual role.  

Congratulations to Playwright and Director Jeff Gould, who has also been an actor and comedian, and is a professional poker player.

Gould’s cast for “Is There Sex After Marriage?” includes (in alphabetical order) Joel Berti, Gillian Brashear, Vince Duvall, Melinda Hughes, Angela Oh, Darren O’Hare Jaret Sacrey, Natalie Salins, Lisa Marie Summerscales, Chris Ufland , Brad Lee Wind, Autumn Withers, Jeff Witzke and Monica Young.

Stage manager: Hallie Baran. Scenic design: Allison Schenker. Lighting design: Steve Pope. Costume design: Jen Bendik. Executive producer: Jeff Gould.

Is there sex after marriage? Sure, just not necessarily with your spouse.

WHAT: “Is There Sex After Marriage?” A World Premiere comedy.

WHO: Written and directed by Jeff Gould. Produced by Mike Abramson. Casting by Patrick Baca, C.S.A.

WHERE: Two Roads Theatre, 4348 Tujunga Ave., Studio City, CA 91604.

WHEN: NOW PLAYING through August 31, 2014 at regular show times: Fri. & Sat. at 8:00, Sun. at 7:00.

ADMISSION: General $34. Students/seniors $25.

RESERVATIONS: (323) 960-5770. Students and seniors use promo code 209.


ESTIMATED RUNNING TIME: 70 minutes. No intermission.


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