I Love Lucy Live on Stage Review - Ba-balu and Jitterbugging My Way Back to the 50's


Sirena Irwin and Bill Mendieta


After years and years of reruns, I Love Lucy, has finally been renewed. One of televisions most beloved and popular sitcoms, I Love Lucy, is hitting the stage with a musical comedy for its avid admirers.


Approaching the 60 year anniversary of the show, I Love Lucy,  has many adoring fans and to this day continues to get 40 million viewers a year that continue to watch the classic episodes. Staged and directed by Rick Sparks and produced by David George and Stephen Kahn, I Love Lucy Live on Stage has finally arrived. It was finally time to give the people what they want. The fans have finally received what they wanted, and the lucky Angeleno’s will get to experience it first.


Cindy Sciacca, Ed Martin, and Gina Torrecilla


“I Love Lucy Live on Stage”, recreates the actual ‘filming’ of two classic episodes. The set up was genius; those in attendance feel like they are actually on the set of Desilu Studios. Rick Sparks did a fantastic job recreating this classic show. In between each set there were commercials that were likely to be set in the 50’s. Each commercial had a product re-enactment followed by a catchy ‘jingle’ to resemble the product. The set was complete with trivia contests and an ensemble and band to add a bit to its’ artistic collaboration thus making those in attendance feel like they are part of an in-studio taping.


Gregory Franklin and Mark Christopher Tracy


Adam Halitzka' Bill Mendieta, and Ken Francis


As Ricky was ‘Babalu-ing’, Lucy was up to her crazy antics as expected and just like we know and love. In the first episode, Lucy tries to convince Ricky to be a part of Ethel’s women’s benefit club by singing a duet with her. Ricky is opposed due to her inability to carry a tune. Thinking he outsmart her, quick witted Lucy is destined to involve herself and manage to get in the act. In the second episode Lucy is given vision blurring eye drops that jeopardize her chances to make it big in showbiz.


Sirena Irwin, Bill Mendieta, and Ed Martin


I attended a taping of I Love Lucy Live on Stage, and loved every moment of it. The decor, the set up, the cast and behind the scenes crew were divine. It was an amazing experience, everyone put on a great production complete with crowd involvement and refreshments afterwards. Before you know it, I was walking out singing ‘Baba-lu’ and doing the jitterbug!


Bill Chott, Sirena Irwin, Lisa Joffrey, and Bill Mendieta


“We hope audiences see how much we love these characters,” says Rick Sparks, “this is a valentine to the show and the television industry of that time.” I Love Lucy Live on Stage runs until December 30th at the Greenway Court in West Hollywood. While there will only be one Lucille Ball, I Love Lucy Live on Stage is a great rendition of the classic. So grab your tickets while you still can, take a trip back to the 50’s and re-live this moment in time.


For more information on I Love Lucy Live on Stage please visit www.ilovelucylive.com


Greenway Court Theatre

544 N. Fairfax Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90036


Photo Credit: Ed Krieger

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