HO HO HOT Solo Show - David Trudell Gets Naked in Hollywood!

The hottest solo show in Los Angeles brings humor and personal life of David Trudell to the Skylight Theaterspotlight getting naked this Christmas to celebrate his life in Hollywood.

It all starts with David really taking advantage of life’s gifts: experiences. He joined an intensive workshop calledSoloMojo for Katselas Theater Company, designed to support performers to create a solo show. His creative mind along with personal events are paired up to successfully attract an eclectic crowd, specially the gay community. 




This hot solo show directed by Michael Kearns touched base in all aspects of being gay; from revealing the news to your parents, one night stands and consequences, health, gay hookups through technology, and more... Every scene felt like David was going through his mental diary and added humor to all the rough times. It’s not so bad after all when you are truthful with yourself. 

David took off all his clothes!!!! Should we all do it at home and tell the truth to the mirror every time we look at it? Maybe we won’t see the reality as bad as it looks.


As an actor I got connected and disconnected from David’s pain while performing, especially in the beginning of the show. Overall, I laughed, cried and enjoyed my time.

It was a reminder of how much we grow through the bad moments, no matter your sexuality or city. 


For more information about In Heat in Hollywood HO HO HO! visit:



Keeping Your Christmas Hot in Hollywood with David Trudell at The Skylight Theater.



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