Fashion Designer Evey - Mobs Robertson Boulevard

Heading out from LA, back to Orange County on Friday Aug 22, I thought about lunch. I was on Robertson Blvd, in the Trendy part of town at Beverly. But I didn't know whether to Stop, or Go.

It was a bright, cheery, yet peaceful day on Robertson.  Ladies gathered at crosswalks as they waited for lights, people talked on their  phones  undoubtedly carrying on important business, and others strolled and shopped.

I checked out the Ivy and there was the usual cadre of Rolls Royce's, and Bentleys.

Then I spotted it. A plethora of color and fabric swirling amongst legs and arms. Marching up the street a handful of ladies and dare I spot one fella. Decked out in Costumes befitting the finest in hip hop and street wear.

Quite a contrast to the elegance of the Chanel store and others along the Boulevard.  I sensed the sedate serenity of the street, was about to change.


Gathering at the corner of Alden, and when I saw the Boom Box I Knew !!!!     FASHION MOB

Marching across the perfect synchronicity, the gaggle of dancers and models  paraded up Robertson to Beverly, across the street, and Back down.

Fashion Designer Evey and her group of local hip hop dancers and models marched and danced up and down Robertson Blvd. I could see in my head were swirls of fabric and color, the energy of the movement, and what was that...Christmas ornaments' and Santa Clause

It was over then. Quickly.  The "troupe" gathered at the end of the street to congratulate themselves.  I had to rush, back to Orange County.  In my head I was still questioning what I saw...swirling Santa Clause's and Christmas Ornaments'.  Maybe I needed one for the Road.  Ice Tea Please.

And Robertson Boulevard went back to its peaceful self.

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