Dizaster vs. Cassidy Ether Event Review - Underground Rap Battle

On Saturday, December 6th 2014, “Ether”, the much anticipated rap battle Internet pay-per-view event commenced. Featuring headliners Cassidy, a mainstream major label recording artist and rap battle veteran vs. one of the most successful current underground rappers of today, Dizaster, battled it out for the first time ever at the Bellasco Theatre in downtown Los Angeles.



The event featured other well-known underground rappers including Daylyt, Conceited, Arsonal and many more going head to head throughout the day leading up to the main event. There were also special celebrity guests in the house such as Bizzy Bone from the rap group, Bone Thugs and Harmony.


Unfortunately, this event was a gigantic disappointment to all in attendance and those watching live from pay-per-view at home. Although most of the rap performances from the various artists did well in their own right and brought entertainment to the stage, it was the main event that left many angry and let down.


The event was shutdown prematurely for several reasons, mainly because of the complete lack of organization, which lead to the venue being completely blacked out by security, and demands from security  to have fans to vacate the building before the final rap battle was even finished. The event was originally to end at 8pm but because of the lack of organization the main event didn’t start untill after 9pm. On top of that, the fire marshal arrived and threatened to shut down the event in its entirety, which is what subsequently happened because there were too many people on the main stage (that were not supposed to be there during the battle event) that refused to step down which made for a huge fire hazard, and delayed the event even more.


Packed Crowd at Bellasco Theatre


Furthermore, the Bellasco Theatre is known for their club events in the evenings with its doors opening roughly at 10pm. In result of everything running so overtime (in addition to the fire marshal issue) the event was cut off to make room for their regular club hours. All this lead to the battle between Cassidy and Dizaster barely completing their one out of three rounds which led to an understandably frustrated audience both in the theatre and at home that paid for the pay-per-view event which was cut off even earlier because of the unreasonable on air overtime.


People in the audience were chanting “refund” as everything was being shutdown and although there were many angry people, no major fights broke out and everyone left safe and sound. It was later announced that Cassidy and Dizaster agreed to a “rematch” the following day at a “secret location” to give the fans what they paid for. Both artists claimed that they won the final event through their various social media accounts, and many fans found the final results very debatable, but the consensus seems to show that Cassidy was in fact the true overall winner by a 2-1 win for this particular match up.



What’s disheartening at this point for the event is that all the issues could have been easily avoided. From the technical issues with music cutting in and out at the wrong times, microphones connections being muted, to the complete disorganization of time, this was a wasteful event of perfectly good talents with a large fan bases. A fan at the event named Perfecto had this to say, “You can’t just put money on an event and expect it to make magic, you have to work with people that have experience…this battle has been prepped for months and months and we didn’t even get to see the main match we wanted to see, something is not right and the people that got pay-per-view (at home) they didn’t even get to see the one round that was spit.” 


Still from the Battle Rematch


As a result of the chaotic occurrence, the whole Ether event became a trending topic on Twitter and other social media sites from many disgruntled fans with their criticism and very few compliments on the overall event with more mixed reviews for the rappers' final performances.


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