Chico’s Angels Presents “ Pretty Chicas All in a Row” Review- Latina Drag Queens at its Very Best!

The stage was set and ready to go at the Cavern Club Theatre located inside the Casito Del Campo Restaurant. Chico’s Angels is celebrating their 10 year Anniversary with 4 running shows across the US. I had the pleasure of seeing the hilarious show “Pretty Chicas All in a Row”. This outrageously play delivered magnificent performances by a wonderful cast of Latina Drag Queens with a take on Charlie’s Angels. With only 2 performances to go ending November 26th, you must rush to get your tickets today to see this insanely funny play!

The show stars three stunningly gorgeous Latina drag queens, Kay Sedia, Chita Parol and Freida Laye.

Chico's Angels

Chico’s Angels are hired to unravel the mystery of murdered contestants in the Miss Kumquat Pageant.  Cecil Kumquat hires Chico's Angels to find the killer and save his pageant. Cast members Kay Sedia (Co-Creator- Oscar Quintero) and Chita Parol go undercover as contestants all while trying not to stick out. The very funny Freida Laye and Bossman find themselves posing as a reporter and cameraman. The Angels are determined to solve the crime, get their story and take the crown!  The lead drag queens and bossman are supported by an extremely charismatic and downright funny cast.  Cecil Kumquat (played by Kurt Koehler the writer and creator of the show)  and its female beauty contestants, play a very important part of the show and should be recognized for their comedic timing and quick wit! This play has all the makings of a real pagaent each contestant sings and dances all while making you laugh out loud.

Chica and Bossman

Chico’s Angels have a lot to deal with this time around, a murder! One of the beauty contestants gets murdered and they are the chosen ones to find the killer. The humorous entrance of the Angels and boss man are none other than outright comical.  Mr. Cecil Kumquat owner the Miss Kumquat Pageant rushes down to the office with an amusing entrance and outrageous outfit. Cecil Kumquat frantically describes the problem in comical detail, desperately seeking help so his beloved pageant doesn’t fall to pieces. The Angels are summoned by Chico’s voice, which just like in the in television show Charlie’s Angels is a voice coming from an unseen boss, but his name is Chico. Chico speaks over the audience through a loud speaker and demands the Angels solve the problem.

Chico's Angels

Cecil Kumquat and Chico's Angels

Chico’s Angels have a moment to themselves where they bicker and fight over what 2 should be in the pageant. After going back and forth with sexual innuendos and playful banter, they are ready to take on this murderous beauty queen. Once they arrive on the scene, they encounter the other contestants still alive and ready to continue on with the pageant. Each Beauty queen is gleefully funny in her own right and makes the play that much more enjoyable.  Miss Texas, Miss Hawaii and Miss California give the Latina beauty queens much to work with and are lively and charming as ever. Without giving too much away, the plot thickens and the murder is hard to find.


This wonderfully written play goes by so smoothly you really don’t realize it’s been an hour and a half. Because of its priceless three Latina drag queens and its colorful cast members, it’s really know wonder why it’s back for an encore! I recommend this play for anyone that wants to laugh for an hour and a half. If you love a good murder mystery and the 80’ show Charlie’s Angels, run to catch this show. It is defiantly worth it. With only 2 days left you must run quickly to get your tickets and show up ready to laugh all night long!

The three Beauty Contestants

Chico's Angels and Contestants

Latina Drag Queen Kay Sedia as Chico's Angels

Chico's Angel performs

the Swimsuit competition

Chico's Angels answers Mr. Cecil's question


This show runs until November 26th For tickets go to the Website,  Chico’s Angels Tickets.

On the website you can find everything about these captivating detectives. 
Chico's Angels 24ish mini-episode has toured around the country in over twenty film festivals. 24ish was nominated in 2010 for best short in the San Francisco GLBT Film Festival, Frameline34.  The Angels were also nominated for a 2010 Weho Award.

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