Chiara Montalto Interview – Her Brooklyn Success Story At Theatre 68


A Brooklyn Love Story, written and performed by Chiara Montalto and directed by Ronnie Marmo is having its LA premiere. The play, which was produced Off-Broadway at the Cherry Lane Theatre in New York under the title Emergency Used Candles, is a charming, funny and heartwarming tale about a grandfather and a granddaughter in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.  


The play was a hit in New York with critics and audiences, but Montalto was unsure of what her next step with it would be when she got to know Marmo, the Artistic Director of Theatre 68 in LA and New York.  When Marmo read the script, he knew he wanted to be a part of bringing the play to a larger audience. Together, they tweaked the script, and while there were a few Skype rehearsals, they rehearsed and opened the play in 5 days. 


The multi-talented Montalto gave Splash Magazines Worldwide a quick peek behind the scenes of her success with this play. 




What inspired you to write this play? 

Well, when I lived with my grandfather, I always thought that the situation lent itself to comedy. Not that we ourselves were funny, but that the situation could lead to good comedy. I was always just writing the funny day to day things that would happen. And obviously, my grandfather was a huge influence on me. 


You were successful in New York - why do a run in LA?

Well, I always wanted to "test the waters in LA" and never really had cause to come out here before. And then I got to know Ronnie Marmo, and this opportunity presented itself. I am a believer that when the opportunity is right, you take it and run. Plus, in a way- in NY I know so many people- I am blessed to be a Brooklyn girl and to have such support there. Doing a run of this play outside of NYC was really a test of the material. I wanted to see if audiences who didn't know me and didn't know the neighborhood would like it.  




What is it like working with Ronnie Marmo? 

Ronnie is amazing. He has given this play the production- on every level- that I have always dreamed of. He is amazing. I wish that this production could go up in New York!! 

What is the next step? 

I am open. I would love to stay out in LA longer, to be extended, or to go on a tour with the play. My ultimate dream is to make this into a movie. I'm working on that! 



Can you give us a POP piece of advice? 

It's a line in the play. One of my favorites, about love.. "Don't worry sweetheart, there is an ass for every seat." 


We are pleased to announce that A Brooklyn Love Story, is now a critical success in LA!  Seats are filling up fast and time is running out so catch it while you can. 


Now Playing through October 6, 2012

Fridays, Saturdays @ 8 pmSundays @ 7 pm

Theatre 68

5419 West Sunset Blvd

1 Block East of Western

FREE Roof-top Parking

323 960 5068

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