Alicia Keys at the Staples Center Review - This Girl was on Fire!!

My friend had to convince me a few times to join her at the Alicia Keys concert which was at The Staples Center on March 12, 2013. Although, I have always enjoyed Alicia Keys’ music, I was never a hard core fan. Nonetheless, I agreed to go to her concert and all I have to say is Wow! Alicia Keys has now scored herself a new loyal fan.

The show began with an opening performance by the R&B, Pop, and Neo-Soul singer Miguel. He was a fantastic performer with lots of energy. His performance was a great opening for her show, as it left everyone energetic and anxious for Mrs. Alicia Keys' entrance.

Unlike many musicians, Alicia Keys only requires one thing during her performance…a piano! That doesn’t mean she didn’t play the keyboard as well as two drums for the “girl on fire” intro! She left us breathless!

A woman of elegance on stage

 Her energy was intense despite the two hour non-stop singing of almost all her recorded songs.  

Alicia Keys with one of her back up male dancers

She is a humble and gracious woman who poured her soul out into her music. We all know how amazing her voice is on the radio, but if you have been to one of her concerts before, you will agree that her voice is even 10 times better live. The environment felt very intimate as the stage had 3 large video screens and several cameras shooting the stage, so even the people on the very last row, could get a good view of the stage.

Audience holding their phones up

There was a moment where she had asked everyone to put their phones up. In the past, many people put their lighters up during concerts, but why do that now when we have flash light on our iPhones? Literally, every single person there put their phones up. Imagine a big dark performance center filled with little white lights. It looked like a black sky with thousands of stars. I really felt like I was on a different planet with amazing background music.

She ended her performance by singing the 5 week number one on billboard Hot 100 song “Empire State of Mind".

If you missed this show, you missed a magnificent 5 star performance.


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